Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends


Continuing discovering the best spring 2015 fashion trends we come tosunglasses, grouping the spring/ summer 2015 eyewear trends and pointing out the basic characteristics of both newly emerging trends and those that have already proven their vitality throughout various fashion shows. One thing we may note about these trends is that renovation and the invention of new forms were really prevailing and this is true about all the aspects of the eyewear pieces, from forms to shades and designs. So here is the list of spring/ summer 2015 sunglasses trends that we would like to present to your attention!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #1: Bright Sunglasses

Colors are the first things that you need when thinking of summer. And that couldn’t but find its reflection in the eyewear trends for spring 2015 forming some really catchy and noteworthy exemplars of stylish and fashionable sunglasses. For instance, check out the yellowish options from Acne Studios, the plum sporty glasses of Lacoste, or the bluish alternatives from Charlotte Ronson, both of which come with some really interesting and noteworthy combinations with the garments they are matched with. We are speaking both about the combos of styles and shapes and about the color combinability. Such were the options suggested at the show of MSGM too, in case of which bright orange tones were the key of the looks.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Bright Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #2: Bright Frames

The following trend we would like to note here is the one having been formed by the colorful frames and creative design solutions applied to the frames of the sunglasses. For instance, you can discover the all-black sunglasses with yellow and black patterns like it was in case of Dries Van Noten or the darker eyewear options from Charlotte Ronson, which also added a little bit of mystery to the image of the lady.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses With Bright Frames

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #3: Classic White Frames

However, if you are for the classics then there is nothing better than white-framed sunglasses for you. You can confidently pick one of the cool and creative white-framed sunglasses we saw among the fashion shows of very many designers, such as Kate Spade or Christian Siriano being the provider of one of the most spectacular and luxurious alternatives. Matching it with the sassy cat-eye forms and combining all with the sizzling white dresses the designers really managed to create some absolutely stunning looks. Erin Fetherston came up with a slightly different interpretation of the trend again creating classy and chic looks eventually, which were well noticeable due to the elegant forms and shapes that the pieces were generally adorned with.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: White-Framed Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #4: Oversized Sunglasses

In addition, we should speak about the practical and comfy oversized sunglasses, which comfortably cover the eyes and the areas around them thus coming as beautiful and quite noteworthy alternatives for creating classic and feminine images, which will accentuate your personality and will make a perfect final touch for the rest of the stylish clothing combinations. In order to find inspiration you may have a look at the spring 2015 fashion collections of Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Guy Laroche, Julien MacDonald and others, each of which managed to come up with something new, fresh, and creative. Especially cool were the shield sunglasses of Prabal Gurung, Suno’s and Matthew Williamson’s creative oversized eyewear options and the daisy patterned oversized sunglasses of Maison Martin Margiela.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Oversized Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Oversized Sunglasses

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #5: Retro ‘60s and ‘70s Sunglasses

This is another spectacular and interesting comeback we noted for the coming season marking the renovation of absolutely glamorous and chic pieces being the retro styles of sunglasses. It looks like the style of the feminine and glamorous ladies of those times has been put in a totally fresh and cool way here, presenting experimental shapes, oversized motives and, of course, stylish and fresh design interpretations. Such were the retro sunglasses from such fashion houses as Temperley London, Emilio Pucci, Stella Jean, Gucci, Valentino, and Chanel, as well as Bibhu Mohapatra and Derek Lam with the tea tones of the glasses.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Retro Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Retro Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #6: Oval Sunglasses

Oval sunglasses form the following catchy spring 2015 eyewear trend we would like to note, focusing on the peculiar and quite creative design interpretations and looks, which are all united in the general group of retro-inspired yet absolutely stylish and cool oval eyewear options. This is what we spotted during the fashion show of Dries Van Noten that came up with the combo of yellow and black tones, Burberry with the frameless reddish options, Rochas with the classic forms of both frames and the glasses putting all in dark tones, Nicole Miller and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Oval Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #7: Colorful Glasses

Colorful is not enough to describe the trend we are going to present now. In fact, what makes this trend so unique is the difference of tones selected for each glass out of the two. To put the thing more clearly we may discuss the example of red and blue glasses for the same white-framed sunglasses by Rebecca Minkoff, in case of which the resemblance of these pieces with the traditional 3D glasses was unavoidable. However, this is a unique and quite spectacular solution for fresh looks and you can give it a try if you are bold enough. Colorful were also the glasses at Nina Ricci, Preen and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Colorful Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #8: Square Sunglasses

Squared forms of sunglasses form the following trend we would like to note, talking about the most diverse and creative interpretations that these looks could ever acquire. For instance, we may speak about the diversified interpretations from Prada coming adorned with some wood and leather accents for the tea toned glasses and the nicely designed frames, Salvatore Ferragamo with the animal-print resembling hints for the mirrored sunglasses presented, Giorgio Armani with the cool duo of matte toned frames and dark glasses, or Kenzo with the frameless transparent blue sporty alternatives with some neo-modern touches embedded in the look. We especially loved the square sunglasses of Tommy Hilfiger.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Square Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #9: Round Sunglasses

Apart from square, other geometrical solutions were also present for the shows, rounded forms being one of the most noteworthy options here. Thus, along with the retro inspired rounded options here we also have the modern interpretations with the diversified designs of the frames, the curious combinations with the tones of the glasses, and much more. That’s what we may note about speaking of the option suggested by Emporio Armani coming with the darker toned glasses and narrower frames, Versace with the brownish accents and the oversized looks, Roberto Cavalli with the half-framed ombre toned options, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Round Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #10: Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

The tendency of framing only one half of the glasses or leaving a gap between the two lines of frames going above and below the glasses is another quite fresh and new direction for the spring/ summer 2015 eyewear trends. Some incredible alternatives of the trend can be the reddish lower framed sunglasses from Miu Miu, followed by the interesting suggestions from Roberto Cavalli, as well as the curious rounded forms from 3.1 Phillip Lim, the youthful models from Opening Ceremony, and the creative solutions from Rodarte, Stella Jean and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #11: Ombre Effect Sunglasses

Ombre effect seems to never leave the runways always coming back with some new and really catchy interpretations, involving new shades and new design solutions and always combining that with a new form of sunglasses. So you may have a look at the collections of Viktor & Rolf to discover the purplish ombre with the light purple frames, Roberto Cavalli, where the darker shaded ombre was presented, and Miu Miu, which stunned with the reverse ombre going lighter from bottom to top.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Ombre Effect Sunglasses

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #12: Glittery Frames

Going even more experimental and creative the designers decided to come up with some crazy and at the same time glam looks at times even reaching the extent of leaving the sunglasses actually without glasses at all, focusing on the glittery frames surrounding the space of the glasses and inventing nice new shapes for them. This was the case of Chanel, which had created the glasses exactly this way. Interesting was also the option from Jeremy Scott bearing a hippie style, adorned with more massive glittery rhinestones for ultra-glam looks. On the other hand, Oscar de la Renta showed a more subtle and feminine version of the trend, bringing classy glasses with delicately embellished frames.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Sunglasses with Glittery Frames

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #13: Butterfly and Cat-Eye Sunglasses

To be the sexy feline of the season, you’ll certainly love to experiment with this eyewear trend, as cat-eye sunglasses are the most fabulous accessories capable of granting your looks with a high dose of mystery and glamour. Butterfly and cat-eye sunglasses were the says of Michael Kors, where we spotted a more retro version of the style, Matthew Williamson, where butterfly shapes met oversized motifs, Thomas Tait, where the delicate uber-transparent designs of the sunglasses instantly caught the eye, and Fendi, in case of which we saw sharp geometric silhouettes.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Butterfly and Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #14: Aviator Sunglasses

When it comes to styles adorned with modern sporty allure, nothing can ever compete with the traditional aviator sunglasses. It’s no surprise that each season eyewear trends bring this already timeless and classic style, each time spicing it up with innovative vibes. This season, we especially love the mirrored aviator sunglasses of Christian Dior and Acne Studios, the unique versions of the style by Valentino and the slightly rounded retro aviator designs of Felder Felder.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Aviator Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trend #15: Extravagant and Unique Sunglasses

Still, if making a big fashion statement and standing out in the crowd is your aim, you can go for any of those extravagant and unique eyewear styles that popular fashion houses presented for the new season. Funny were the Barbie-inspired sunglasses of Moschino and the colorfully beaded designs of Libertine. For the modern sporty look, you can opt for those rounded sunglasses of Nicholas K, the shield glasses of Kenzo or the interesting eyewear + headwear options from Chalayan. Prada’s interesting wooden and leather sunglasses are also maximum impressive!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Extravagant and Unique Sunglasses

Spring/ Summer 2015 Eyewear Trends: Extravagant and Unique Sunglasses

Thanks to the plethora of energizing styles, shapes and colors available, the spring/ summer eyewear trends target almost any group of fashionisers, who want to protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays in summer, at the same time looking glam and cool. So keep following the trend reports we come up with and stay aware of the most direct gateways to stylish and modern looks for any season and any style.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends

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Looking to the bright future of fashion and trying to find out the best and the hottest for the new season, we come to the range of spring/ summer 2015 shoe trends, which also appeared to be more than just diverse and even more than versatile, colorful and exceptional. What made them unique and special this time was the range of design solutions that were applied in order to renovate the classic forms and shapes and to bring out something fresh and exquisite out of them. Thus, here we are with the total summing list of those spring 2015 shoe trends, which were formed with especially a big number of similar design patterns and shapes used by the most popular fashion designers and houses.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 1: Sophisticated and Unusual Shoe Designs

This is the first trend we would like to speak about, especially focusing on the meticulous and quite elaborately worked out shoes, coming with a whole range of various design details like sequins, beads, lace elements, transparency plays and much more. The color combinations were also noteworthy, exemplified with both monochrome and sassy looks like in case of all-black shoes, and with color combinations including shades like red, black, and golden. Thus this was the thing in case of the all-glittery Christian Siriano shoes, the textures mosaic images by Custo Barcelona, the vintage plus boho inspired looks from Dolce & Gabbana, and much more. The ancient-inspired shoes from Fausto Puglisi, the whimsical butterfly-winged shoes of Lie Sang Bong, Louis Vuitton’s killer shoes, the edgy wooden platform shoes of Rick Owens, Marni’s shoes with imaginative heels and the woven and multi-colored options from Alexander Wang are no less striking.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Unusual Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Unusual Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Unusual Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 2: Shoes with Ankle Straps, Buckles and Other Details

Accents on the femininity are the following trendsetters for the coming season, being introduced with a whole range of creative interpretations and quite interesting solutions, not speaking of the huge diversity of colors used for the creation of those versatile designs. Encompassing both classic forms with heels and options like platform flats, the range of ankle strap shoes ceased to be only made of heels, shifting towards comfier forms, too. Thus, this is what we saw during the fashion shows of Chanel, in case of which classic black and white were prevailing, Giambattista Valli having picked huge chain-like design details for the creation of the ankle straps, Guy Laroche with the minimalistic approach, Kenzo, Sophie Theallet with the multi-color approach, Oscar de la Renta with the luxurious feathery straps, as well as Delpozo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nicole Miller, Monique Lhuillier, Tome, Roberto Cavalli, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Ankle Straps, Buckles and Other Details

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 3: Diversified Sporty Shoes

Sporty vibes were not missing from the repertoire of the basic spring/ summer 2015 shoe trends, either, and the principle of diversification and renovation also touched them. This time colors were the main accent, accompanied with the various design details and interpretations and coming with both monochrome and multi-colored solutions for the totally new and fresh looks. Thus, such were the design suggestions by Acne coming up with monochrome white looks for the comfy sneakers, Rag & Bone with the glittery and glamorous shoes made with combos like black and white,Burberry Prorsum with the super colorful and energizing footwear options, Giorgio Armani with the synthesis of animal prints with comfy flat forms, Pony for DKNY all-white comfy options, the unique interpretation by Bottega Veneta, and many others. The creative mixtures of sporty platforms with sandal-like forms suggested by Marni are also noteworthy in this respect.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Sporty Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 4: Flatforms/ Platform Flats

Platform shoes form the following noteworthy shoe trend for spring we would like to speak about, especially concentrating on the super many ways of combining different design details with these shapes. The best examples can be Roberto Cavalli’s bright and beautiful interpretations, Sportmax’s black with milky white sandals, Thakoon’s comfy and chic designs, the soft and comfy options from Dries Van Noten, the boho inspired looks from Michael Kors, as well as the platform shoes from Creatures of the Wind, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Flatforms/ Platform Flats

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 5: Chunky Heels

Chunky heels prove to be the next unfailing formula of success and femininity, coming demonstrated with such looks as Giambattista Valli’s experimental silver with black chunkies, Prada’s wooden chunky heeled clogs, Versace’s ultra-glamorous translucent heels with shimmery brownish details, Jonathan Saunders’ low heeled chunkies, Donna Karan’s wooden and deconstructed creamy heels, Lacoste’s woody with camel looks, Nicole Miller’s diversified multi-strap sandals, Nicholas Kirkwood for Suno’s colorful and chunky heels, Tory Burch’s stripy chunky heels, Vera Wang’s chunky Oxfords, Loewe’s creative chunky-heeled shoes and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Chunky Heels

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 6: Fringed/ Furry Shoes

Fringes and furry accents on shoes couldn’t be left out of our attention, either, as these are perhaps the primary details you need to instantly attract attention. The fabulous furry shoes from Dries Van Noten, Rochas’ all-furry high heeled and brownish sandals, Proenza Schouler’s fringed with chunky reptile skin shoes, the beaded with fringed footwear designs by Rodebjer, and the all-fringed options from Tibi are probably the best examples of the versatility of this trend and design.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Fringed and Furry Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 7: Multi-Strap Shoes/ Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator motives also seem to be around all the time especially when it comes to the new spring/summer season. Thus they are present this time as well, coming as Chloe’s feminine and chic wedge heels with knee high strap ties, Roland Mouret’s multi-strap cage sandals encompassing the combo of different shades, Valentino’s gladiator sandals with the zip-up details, Alberta Ferretti’s creamy flat and high-heeled sandals, Fausto Puglisi’s bejeweled leather sandals, Christopher Kane’s multi-strap all-black sandals, Nicole Miller’s three strap classic sandals, Prabal Gurung’s classy with modern designs, the chic gladiators from Hugo BOSS, etc.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Gladiator Sandals

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 8: Animal/ Reptile Skin Shoes

Animal and reptile skin patterns are also here, forming the most powerful shoe trend for the new season for making an elegant fashion statement. For inspiration, check out the exemplars like Nina Ricci’s leopard printed high-heeled sandals, Roberto Cavalli’s snakeskin-inspired orange textures of platform flats, Proenza Schouler’s snakeskin interpretations, Ralph Lauren’s crocodile skin classic pumps, the super chic and nicely combined designs from Gucci, the glamorous shoes from Jason Wu, the snakeskin patterns for pumps from Mary Katrantzou, and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Reptile Skin Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 9: Shoes with Bow Ties

Just another super cute and girly detail that can be added to shoes in order to accentuate the femininity once more is the bow tie, which despite being such a small detail can make a whole lot difference in juicing up one’s look. We especially loved the monochrome black leather bow-detailed shoes from Cedric Charlier, Miu Miu’s white and delicate bows tied over a creamy cappuccino background, No 21’s satin bow ties created with shades like emerald green, Christian Louboutin’s shimmery silver flats with interesting cuts, and the glamorous golden with black combos from Saint Laurent.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Shoes With Bows

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 10: Booties and Boots

No matter what the season may be, boots and booties never leave. And the coming season is not an exception, either, and that’s how we find some chic and elegant options like Dior’s sock-like booties, Maxine Simoens’ cage booties, Gucci’s chic suede brown boots with some leather elements, Marc by Marc Jacobs’ rain boots with different colors generally coming with monochrome interpretations, the chic suede looks from Emilio Pucci, the designs with all-glittery textures and translucent heels from Versace, the denim booties from Louis Vuitton, and others as key designs for this trend. For the absolute edgy and dramatic look, you can go for those thigh-high boots from DSquared2.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Boots and Booties

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Boots and Booties

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 11: Shoes with Lacing

Just like in case of the new season’s garments, shoes also prove to have lacing design details as a separate and quite big fashion trend this time. Especially creative are the interpretations of this trend from such big names as Givenchy, Stella McCartney, where we adored the creamy lacing used for the shimmery golden wedges, Rodarte with its lace-up thigh-high boots, Alexander McQueen that stunned with the mysterious and cool lace-up shoes, as well as Herve Leger by Max Azria completing the circle of powerful interpretations.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Lace-Up Shoes

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 12: Leather Shoes

Leather can’t be left out from the list of glamorous and chic materials, when it comes to the most timeless and foolproof elegant shoe designs. When speaking about the trendiest spring 2015 shoes we just can’t but mention those colorful and at times shimmery flat leather sandals encompassing shades like electric blue from Emporio Armani, Lacoste’s camel leather sandals and the all-leather shoes from Givenchy.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Leather Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 13: Feathery Shoes

For maximum chic, however, the designers seem to suggest a thoroughly different formula, creating some really cool looks with design details like feathers. The best examples of this extravagant trend may be Etro’s feathery elements for high heeled ankle strap sandals, MSGM’s feather adornments created with shades like blue, Oscar de la Renta’s glamorous and breathtaking feathery straps, and the chic feathery hints from Dries Van Noten providing the fans of glam with a whole range of cool new stuff.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Feathery Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 14: Shimmery Shoes

When we say glam and chic, shimmer and glitter can’t but be there and this is what the world-renowned designers also seem to agree with. Thus, this is how we get the shimmery textures as a separate trend introducing the biggest variety of sparkling looks, where the shoes have the most blinding and luxurious textures ever. Such are Emporio Armani’s black and blue sandals, Just Cavalli’s golden shimmery platform ankle strap sandals, No 21’s classy shimmery green pumps, Whistles’ super shimmery gold platform sandals, Christian Louboutin for Cushnie et Ochs’ super sparkly multi-strap heels, the glittery heels of the chic sandals from Saint Laurent, the platform shoes from Tia Cibani, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Shimmery Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 15: Wedges and Platform Shoes

For comfort and great usability, the designers have also thought about preparing a range of comfy and cool shoes, which may accompany your journey to everywhere and be there for you any time. So that’s how the unique combinations of comfort and glam comes up, being presented with looks like Hunter Original’s military-inspired wedge sandals, Topshop Unique’s stripy and shimmery wedge sandals, Kate Spade’s two-strap and laser cut pure white and black with white wedges, and the purple suede wedges with other colors and designs by Derek Lam, too.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Wedges and Platform Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 16: T-Strap Shoes

T-straps are probably the logical continuation of the multi-strap and ankle-strap shoe trends, this time representing another classy and quite sumptuous range of designs, again coming with the irreplaceable touch of renovated glam. The best exemplars for inspiration may be found among J. Mendel’s pointy toe T-straps with very many color variations, the multiplied looks from Fendi accompanied with double ankle straps as well, and the colorful and classic T-strap shoes from Arden Wohl.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: T-Strap Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 17: Star-Printed Shoes

Surprisingly enough, prints like star patterns have gained an enormous popularity among the fashion maniacs, and the designers certainly know about that, forming a whole new trend of star-shaped patterns not only for the new season’s clothing pieces, but also footwear options. Think Anna Sui’s super diverse and colorful star-printed shoes, Tommy Hilfiger’s shimmery and cute star-printed booties, and the star-studded shoes from Saint Laurent!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Star-Printed Shoes

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 18: Thong Sandals

The synthesis of styles and vibes may reach the highest limits of imagination and even go beyond, resulting in the creation of real masterpieces, especially in term of combining essential details and styles together. This is the case with the combos of flip-flop heels, featuring the elements of both the shapes and nicely combining them in one look. Haider Ackerman’s all white abstracted shoes, Jason Wu’s reptile with flip flop designs for pumps, comfy and flat suggestions from Kenzo, the enigmatic designs from Stella McCartney, the minimalistic footwear alternatives from Viktor & Rolf and others are the best examples for that brand new shoe trend.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Thong Sandals

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 19: Trendy Mules

Being perhaps the most versatile and comfiest footwear options for the hot summer days, when you want to feel and look both comfortable and feminine, trendy mules form a separate spring/ summer 2015 shoe trend. They are perfect to complement both casual and elegant attire options, so make sure you give this trend a try, if you have never been into mules before! For inspiration, check out the spring collections of Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, Jason Wu, Nina Ricci, Donna Karan, Versus Versace, Kenzo and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Trendy Mules

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 20: Comfy Flats

Can we ever do in the warm season without flats? They always form a separate and chic shoe trend for the spring/summer season and this year is no exception. Flats get creative makeovers and look totally innovative and imaginative this spring. You’ll especially love the pointy-toe flats of Balenciaga, Carven’s cutout flats, Peter Som’s metallic fringed flat sandals, Valentino’s gladiator flats, Stella Jean’s flat Oxford shoes, Michael Kors’ classic pointy-toe flats, Victoria Beckham’s cowboy-inspired flat shoes, Chanel’s metallic Oxfords, Burberry’s colorful flat sandals and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Flats

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 21: Feminine High-Heeled Shoes and Sandals

It’s not only flatforms, platforms and flat shoes that reign the new season shoe trends, as a lot of importance is given also to classic, elegant and uber-modern heeled shoes. Apart from those chunky heels, we have classic heeled shoes and sandals from a myriad of fashion houses, ones embellished with creative details, textures and colors, as well as options adhering to the timeless minimalist shapes. Especially breathtaking are the high-heeled shoes and sandals spotted at Altuzarra, Ohne Titel, Marissa Webb, Moschino, Matthew Williamson, Carolina Herrera and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: High-Heeled Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 22: Cowboy and Masculine Inspired Shoes

When trying to make a powerful fashion statement, you can always think some masculine elements that will add lots of personality to your looks. Spring’s shoe trends also bring such important designs for those It girls, including the cowboy inspired and masculine shoes we all love so much. Some exceptional designs can be found in the collections of Marissa Webb, Victoria Beckham, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jeremy Scott, Giorgio Armani and others.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Cowboy Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Masculine Shoes

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trend 23: Translucent Heels

Finally, the last but not least significant shoe trend we would like to speak about is the one having formed the range of translucent heels coming up with some really impressive and chic shapes with the delicate and subtle transparency of the heels. This was the case with Monique Lhuillier coming with the ombre effect applied to the blue and black texture, Versace’s chic and classy designs, Christian Siriano’s shiny heels and some others, all suggesting a unique and quite interesting form of synthesis of the new tendency.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Shoe Trends: Shoes with Transparent Heels

These were the basic spring/ summer 2015 shoe trends that we would like to present to your attention, trying to provide you with an in-detail insight into the basic directions and design inclinations existing in the modern world of fashion. Bearing these details in mind you will be able to build up your looks and garment combos better, thus having the most effective and unique outcomes possible. Be the star of the show learning about the main 2015 shoes and go on following the fashion trend reports we constantly come up with in order to know everything and anything about what’s going on the fashion world right now!

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