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Itching for a multi-color Classic Flap Bag?

Disappointed because you’ve missed the train to purchase the Chanel Valentine Flap Bag (which is also in multi-color pink by the way).

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Well, no worries, here’s another seasonal style to add to your collection and it’s different than the single colored Classic Flap Bags.

Perhaps its time to make a switch, avoid the bags painted in one color and adds some colors to your life. Different colors create different feelings and experience. Perhaps there is a style in your wardrobe that’s designed to match this bag.

The flap is brown, then burgundy on the other parts, refined with beige color to help the silver CC logo to shine. It’s a relaxing combination of shades, but still pretty.

And just like all Chanel stunning bags, this version is also quilted. It comes with an interwoven chain.

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