Givenchy Small Rave Bag

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I hope you love to eat ‘mini’s’ too, because that’s all we are serving today =). As Riccardo Tisci tried to push the boundary between masculine and feminine, the Givenchy Rave Bag was born. But it’s not until recently, for the pre-fall 2014 Collection to be exact, that this bag is going to be released in small size.

Not many details have been shared yet, because we still need to patiently bite our lips and wait, until this collection is fully released in store. But because a picture can tell many stories, we can safely say that we are dealing with a casual tote. It’s flat in shape, simple in design, especially when it’s single colored and ideal for work.

When the fall starts, you need to gather all the dark colors in your wardrobe (again), it’s exactly that moment when the small rave bag fits perfectly in the picture.

What’s more? This bag comes with a shoulder strap, it has a shape like a box, but then flattened. Made in smooth napa leather tote and the handles are embossed with Givenchy logo. It’s available in three colors: red, black and velvet blue. Priced at $1090 USD, you can pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman.





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