CHANEL Mademoiselle Prive Watch With Embroidered Camellia


An exceptional and unique collaboration between ‘the House of Lesage’ and Chanel in creating the brand-new Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Watch.

Ask me!

What makes this watch so-special? Is it because its Chanel?

No, it’s not only that!

You see, it’s designed with the ‘know-how’ of the famous French embroidery designer François Lesage. This man inherited the Maison Lesage from his father and became a well known designer in the high fashion industry in Paris. During the late 20th Century, many traditional embroidery houses in France faded away, but François Lesage was one of the few that kept his business alive. Not only that, he also collaborated with well-known fashion brands like Givenchy, Balenciaga and Dior. The company was sold to Chanel in 2002.

Up until today, the House of Lesage has only been producing embroideries in Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter. This is the first time that the expertise has been used to create amazing watches. Fruited with all the work of Lesage’s traditional craftsmanship and experience, the camellia is embellished with colored silk threads, which has been put together with needle point-painting technique. A lot of effort has been invested before the finishing product is send to your local boutique.

The Chanel Mademoiselle Privé with embroidered Camellia detailing is pricey, but it’s an iconic jewelry that not many people want to invest. It’s the best gift ever to treat yourself or for your long-time special friend.

18k white gold is injected with 562 brilliantly cut diamonds and attached to a black satin strap. 

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