The Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Bag is So Pretty

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Prada is hard at work diversifying its handbag selection season after season, proving there’s much more to the brand than Saffiano bags. (Although, if you ask me, those are still some of the best bags out there for long wear and daily use.) We got our hands on the Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Baglast week, and I fell for it immediately.

First things first: the black, red and white woven madras pattern on the lamb leather is eye-catching. It helps the bag immediately stand out and is definitely different from what you typically see, both from Prada and on the luxury market in general. It doesn’t feel like it’s over the top, though, because the majority of the bag is black, which tones down the look and makes it easier to mix into your wardrobe. Also, I’m drawn to the shape of this bag. A shoulder bag with a chain strap works with every wardrobe, but this option will stand out a bit. The shoulder strap is pretty long, and the front lock clasp is easy to use while maintaining a sophisticated look. The bag’s interior has nappa leather lining with one pocket.

Overall, this is a bag that, if you’re going to love it, you likely will as soon as you lay eyes on it. No, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but you don’t always need that–sometimes you just want an easy-to-use bag that works well with many outfits. This design provides exactly that, with added touches to make it stand out. You can pick one up for $2,850 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Bag 3

Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Bag 1

Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Bag

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Prada Saffiano Mini Galleria Bag

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In the world fashion, there is a fixed rule – everything that’s once large, must go small. And everything that’s small must go mini. This is like a law, there’s no other way around it.

So when Louis Vuitton first launched the Capucines Tote Bag, you could have predicted that the Capucines BB tote is coming. It was just a matter of time.

And so when DIOR launched the Be Dior Flap Bag, it was just a matter of time that they would introduce the mini Be Dior Bag.

And now back to Prada, can you remember the Galleria Bag, released in November 2013 – a gorgeous tote bag with a front flap and extra large closure. Well, here’s the mini version of it.

The Prada Mini Galleria Bag is different than the large version – it’s a beautiful, boxy tote in a cute size. Crafted from patent saffiano leather, it’s a lovely bag if you’re looking for durability with style.

It comes in different sweet colors like Celeste Blue, Red and even in Black if you love to go safe. Made with golden hardware and rolled tote handles, the brand’s triangle logo is crafted on the bag’s front.

In the interior you can find a zip and open pocket to store all your essentials. There is also a zip compartments in the frame front and back. It’s simple yet sophisticated, measuring 4.75’ x 6.5’ x 3.25’ (H x W x D) inches.


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Prada Saffiano Mini Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Prada Saffiano Mini Bags. Prada’s classic handbags have been transformed into mini sizes made of the iconic Saffiano leather. There are various designs available and these includes the Galleria Crossbody, Promenade and Crossbody Clutch Bags. It comes in different colors and features the gold hardware. It can be carried in different ways, by hand, on the shoulder or across the body.

Mini Galleria Crossbody Bag

The Prada Mini Galleria Crossbody Bag features rolled top handles with snap closures on the sides. The bag has a removable and adjustable crossbody strap. It has zip compartments in the front and back of the bag. The interior is made of jacquard with a zip and open pocket.




Prada Saffiano Mini Galleria Crossbody Bag $1,050.00 (USD) 4.9” H x 7” W x 2.9” D

Mini Promenade Bag

The Prada Mini Promenade Bag features a dome shape with double tote handles. It also includes a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. It has a two way zipper closure and a hanging covered key ring. The interior is made of logo jacquard with a zip pocket. The bottom of the bag has metal studs for protection.




Prada Saffiano Mini Promenade Bag $1,050.00 (USD) 4.9” H x 7” W x 2.9” D

Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag

The Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag is also made of Saffiano leather. The bag has a flap front with a push-lock closure. It has a detachable crossbody strap. The interior is made of napa and includes a zip pocket.




Prada Saffiano Mini Crossbody Clutch Bag $1,390.00 (USD) 4.25” H x 6.6” W x 1.5” D

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The Worst Replica Bags Site Of The Year!

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This is the time when I usually make my “best and worst replica bags sites of the year” lists. But I had no idea that I was in for such a big disappointment when I ordered a replica Prada handbag. Well, at least now I know who is top of my “Worst replica bags site” list. Review

A friend of mine told me about this replica site a couple of months ago and since I had never ordered a replica bag from them, I decided to give them a try and then write a review. But what do you know, it was all a big scam!

I wanted to buy a Prada replica tote from them because I saw that their Prada collection was pretty extensive. So I placed my order, I paid for the bag and then waited. Waited too much, to be more specific. On the site they say that shipping takes 6 to 9 working days totally. After 10 working days I sent them the first email. I got no answer. I waited for a few more days and then sent them another message since they have no phone number on the site. Again, no answer. The irony is that they even have the nerve to claim that their customer service team is at your service 7*24! Of course, I also checked my SPAM folder to make sure that their answer didn’t get there by any chance.

Now it’s already been 21 working days since I placed my order and I still haven’t got any answer from them. The reason why I write this review is for you to know what to expect from this replica bags site. They are deceiving, unprofessional and plain scammers.

Replica Bags Scam Alert

Replica Bags Scam Alert

Their Return Policy is just another proof that you should stay away from this site. To start with, they collect a 15% restocking fee and the shipping price also has to be paid by the customer. So after you pay these fees, there’s not much money for you to get back!

They also say that they will return the payment to the customer’s account after they receive the item you send back. But here’s the tricky part: one of the payment options they offer is by Western Union. So if you pay by Western Union, you can forget about refunding!

It’s clear that these guys from are not on the market to sell good replica bags. They just want to steal some money and then they’ll just probably change their domain name and start all over again.

It really is a shame that because of replica bags sites like this people are scared to buy designer replica bags. I strongly advise you to buy only from trustworthy replica sites or else you might get scammed! Hope that you will read review before anything like this happens to you too!

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Prada Black and White Trim Bags from Resort 2015

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Introducing the Prada Black and White Trim Bags for Resort 2015. The classic Saffiano tote and Promenade Bags were both featured in a black color with a contrasting trim in white, and vice versa. Also having the same color design is the City Calf Double-Zip Executive Tote Bag, it comes in black and has white stitching on the sides. This bag was recently featured in the brand’s Resort 2015 Ad Campaign.

Style & Size



Prada Black/White City Calf Double-Zip Executive Tote Bag $2,800.00 (USD)
Prada White/Black Saffiano Leather Tote Bag $1,990.00 (USD)
Prada White/Black Saffiano Cuir Bicolor Promenade Bag $2,650.00 (USD)


Prada White/Black Saffiano Leather Tote Bag

Prada Black/White Saffiano Leather Tote Bag

Prada White/Black Saffiano Cuir Bicolor Promenade Bag Prada Black/White City Calf Double-Zip Executive Tote Bag

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Prada Bomber Leather Tote Bag

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Prada is known for their knowledge in making the world’s finest leathers. We have bragged about that in one of our Leather Guide Articles. The Saffiano Leather is so famous that it has been patented by the brand.

READ: Prada Leather Guide

One of their latest inventions is the Bomber Bag Collection. This material is not only beautiful and chic, but it is also extremely durable and fairly easy to clean. It feels like nothing can penetrate these magnificent handbags.

Presenting one of the ‘must haves’ from the latest ‘Mountain Collection’, it features the Prada Bomber Leather Tote Bag.

Wait, this is not a new bag.

You’re right. In 2013 Prada dropped the Bomber Fabric Tote Bag, which is almost identical except a few elements. This is actually the upgraded version.

READ: Prada Bomber Fabric Tote

First, it’s glossy – this bag shines when the lights are turned on. And water is no enemy; it shakes any liquid off like its little dust floating in the air. A classic design, in either black or beige, ideal to wear in the summer, ideal to carry in the winter. Use it for travelling, for work, for the weekends, basically as an everyday bag.

Featuring a shoulder strap that can be detached or adjusted, close it with a zipper closure, there is one outside pocket and two inside pockets crafted. Measuring 34 x 29.5 x 20 (L x H x W) in cm, priced at $2,500 and €1,820 via Prada boutique or e-store.



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