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It was a regular afternoon in Munich and the Christmas days were approaching. Ashlee vowed to treat herself a nice and juicy Chanel bag before she headed back home. Excited and nosy, she entered the Chanel boutique and hoped for a productive shopping spree. But the SA told her that they had only limited supply; its holiday, ya know, ouch!

When an opportunity comes along, you need to seize it. And that’s exactly what Ashlee did when she was presented with a ‘gorgeous’ but ‘never seen’ before Chanel WOC bag.

I always say that every Chanel boutique is like a surprise box, you never know what you can find inside. It’s like playing a videogame; every new shop can surprise you with a rare item.

Before you ask, I do not know the name of this bag, neither do Ashlee or the SA. But let us ask a great question: ‘What makes this Chanel Wallet on Chain bag so special?’

According to the local SA, it’s from the Fall and Winter 2013 Collection. Oh that’s funny! We couldn’t find it on the official website of CHANEL and it was not presented during the F/W 2013 catwalk.

What’s more? This petite bag is probably a member of the WOC ‘Quilted’ collection, but comparing to the original edition, there are a few small differences. One major distinction is the front flap; it’s longer than the usual quilted WOC. And notice the leather, it’s not like the caviar or the lambskin version, it has a bit of vintage appearance. In case you wonder, the SA was convinced that it was made from lambskin.

Ashlee found this bag by accident in a Chanel boutique located at Munich. The style code is A69289 and there is zero information to be found on the internet. So let us listen to Ashlee’s story and how she found this bag:

I knew I wanted a mini or a style of WOC, and the Chanel boutique in Munich had a very limited amount of stock (you know being Christmas Eve and all… A present to myself!) – no classic flap minis. But they did have this beautiful other mini (well I initially thought it s a WOC but now I’m not sure), quilted, lamb skin, with very subtle Chanel logo hardware etc. The inside is very roomy, has card slots and even has a detachable sort of coin purse I guess (which you can see located on the very front when it’s opened up).

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The SA was extremely helpful and lovely, but I just get a little giddy in the stores, and while I took my time looking it over a deciding between that and another bag, I thought she had said it was a winter 13 item. However it was the last one in stock and therefore no tags etc.

She found this bag on 24 December 2013 in Munich boutique, it was priced at €1.250 EUR + VAT. The interior is exactly the same like the WOC bag and the size is quite similar.

I really love it, and the vintage look is what really sold me on it, but I started to become concerned when I couldn’t find any pictures of it online and it being the last one in stock (so essentially the one on display) that maybe there was a fault or something. But the stitching, hologram logo etc etc. are all perfect!

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