Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Gold Watch Collection

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montblanc_meisterstuck-heritage-gold-watch-collection1As far as men’s timepieces go, a little gold never hurt anyone, and with the newMeisterstück Heritage Gold Watch collection that I spotted recently in Hong Kong’sWatches & Wonders, there’s no better time than now to embrace your inner leprechaun.

Created in celebration with the Meisterstück‘s 90th anniversary, there are 3 differently-styled timepieces in this capsule collection, all featuring 18K red gold, namely red gold with a white/silver face, red gold with a white/silver face that’s also festooned with 88 diamonds around the dial, and my personal favourite (shown above), the red gold with a chocolate brown dial that’s both very distinguished and elegant all at once.

montblanc_meisterstuck-heritage-gold-watch-collection2All automatics with a simple date function and your straightforward hour, minute and second hands, it’s the overall simplicity that ultimately appeals to me, a classically-styled timepiece with an added dash of bling that ‘flashes’ you when it peeks out from under your cuffed sleeve. Priced around the SGD10,000 range, you could first put yourself on the wait list at Montblanc boutiques (it hasn’t arrived for the local market as yet) or wait till I do another update when it does.

And because this timepiece is also unisex (the dial measures some 39 mm across), this is also the watch you ladies can buy for your man and nick for yourself when he’s not looking. But if this is too simple for you (and you’re the type who likes their timepieces with all the bells and whistles), behold the Metamorphosis II, the top-tier timepiece from Montblanc so intricately elaborate with 746 mechanical movement components that it should have its own role in the next Transformer movie. Really.

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