Emma Roberts Wears Alexander McQueen to Debut “Scream Queens”

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Emma Roberts recently attended the premiere of her new show Scream Queens clad in a charming floral mini dress from Alexander McQueen, paired with pale grey leather Alexander McQueen Metal Heel Sandals. These shoes are not yet available to the general public, but you can shop a selection of Alexander McQueen footwear at Saks.

Ryan Murphy’s latest creation, Scream Queens, is quite possibly TV’s most high-profile new show for fall. This horror-comedy concept series also stars Lea Michele, horror movie pro Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin and Joe Jonas, among others. Scream Queens made its debut on the airwaves last night, and will continue to air on Tuesdays at 8pm EST on FOX.

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Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Campaign

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On its way to become the next big thing, the Alexander McQueen Legend Bag, here’s another snapshot of this beauty. The Legend bag is a big promise; it’s as charming as the Heroine Tote, made with larger compartments and curvier shape.

READ: Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Collection

Packed with style and charisma, this bag uplift your outfit to the next level. Made for multiple purposes – for work, casual, weekend, you name it. Crafted from impeccable craftsmanship, with attention to the tiniest details, carry it with a strap on your shoulder and with a pair of high heels underneath.

Alexander McQueen Legend Small Bag
Size: 14 x 17 x 7 (H x W x D)
Price: $1535 USD, €1045 euro

Alexander McQueen Legend Bag
Size: 30 x 33 x 15 (H x W x D) in cm
Price: $2195, €1395 euro

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Introducing the Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag

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Alexander McQueen Legend Handbag 5

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Alexander McQueen was known for his cutting edge designs, his self named label continues this legacy. The label’s avant garde designs are probably best represented in their range of box clutches. The brand contrasts soft and feminine themes with their iconic skull motif as can be seen in thisOstrich feather clutch or this floral motif clutch. Following in the same floral motif collection, is this ice pink silk brocade clutch, which is covered in intricate appliqué of organza and crepe beaded flowers. The clutch is lined with luxe leather and contrasted with a pale pink Swarovski embellished skull clasp. This statement piece adds a level of feminine exuberance to any outfit and retails for $2,795. The bag measures 7” in width, 4” in height and 2” in depth, just large enough to fit your lipstick and cell phone.

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Alexander McQueen Butterfly And Cyrstal Knucklebox Clutch

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We should treat our wardrobe like a warehouse – wide assortment in all shapes and colors and always in stock (this make Chanel storage room a bad example – the iconic = usually sold-out). And so for the most beautiful evening demands a beautiful clutch, every girl should have at least one secret weapon that she can pull out of her closet whenever she needs to.

I’m calling the Alexander McQueen Knucklebox Clutch bag for help, not only is this collection (the Knucklebox collection) famous for its unquestionable superior quality but the latest design is itching my irresistible-bag-addiction. Yes I am a bag addict, but who can say no to a jewel-like evening clutch?

The structured Alexander McQueen box clutch is covered in light-pink suede and then refined with silver-tone hardware. The crystals are put on the top of the knuckle with love and care, my weakness go to the 4D butterfly detailing in gorgeous bright pink. Hide your little pretty things in the leather interior, and slide your fingers into the knucklebox. And effortless? Measuring 6 x 7 x 2 inches (L x H x W)

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Alexander Mcqueen Small Heroine Tote

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The Heroine tote bag. It’s an everyday accessory as famous as any iconic. The shape, the functionality, the spacious, the design and oh gosh I am getting hungry again.

Anyways, the Alexander McQueen did an unexpected move. Usually, designer brands start to release the medium and large size of a bag and then slowly move to small and mini. But because the Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote in medium and mini already exist, there is a gap in between, the small size! Please welcome; the Alexander McQueen Small Heroine Tote Bag just joined the big family.

Here’s what you need to know; if we put the small size and the mini separately, you will never guess the size. That is, because there are actually no differences between them, the small size has the same shape, construction and luxurious suede lining, and it also has a removable adjustable leather strap, just like its mini size.

Therefore we post a comparison of the original, small and mini size, so it can give you an idea of how it looks. As you can see, the small size might be perfect for you (especially for girls like me, who doesn’t own a pair of legs like the models). The mini might be too tiny, as it got limited spaces.

Here are a few more designs of the Alexander McQueen Small Heroine Tote that has been released so far:

Alexander McQueen Studded Suede Small Heroine Tote:
Size: 14 x 25 x 30 cm (D x H x W)

Alexander McQueen Woodplate Small Heroine Tote:
Size: 14 x 25 x 30 cm (D x H x W)



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