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Celine’s Fall 2016 Ad Campaign is all about leather goodness. What particularly caught our attention is the latest take on the Luggage Bag and the Small Croissant Shoulder Bag.

The Luggage Bag from Celine is considered to be the brand’s Holy Grail, the most coveted bag, and IT bag it has ever produced. Yes, it gained popularity ever since celebrities were seen rocking their ensembles with a Celine Luggage Tote Bag in tow.

You might say it was an overnight sensation, well honestly and frankly, it wasn’t. Its charisma and popularity hasn’t died down, not just yet. Released in 2010, the Luggage Bag is yet again featured in Celine’s Fall 2016 Ad Campaign and certainly there are good things to look forward to.

The newest Luggage Bag in tricolor leather is just too sophisticated not to notice! The powerful combination of colors of white, black and brown did all the works for this one.

For those that are interested, the image above is the Celine micro Luggage Bag in Multicolour and Glazed Calfskin. The style code is 167793AGE.18CH and its priced at $3350 USD or €2450 euro.


Another bag to watch out for is the Small Croissant Shoulder Bag. Minimalist in design with a single color and with a thin chain, it exudes nothing but pure femininity. Crafted from lambskin, the price is $1500 USD or €950 euro via Celine boutique.






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What Makes A Celine Luggage Replica Perfect?

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As I already told you in my guide on how to spot a fake Celine Luggage Tote, these bags are so popular that they’re practically everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that finding a great Celine Luggage replica is easy. On the contrary, you have to be even more careful.

Bagaholicsonlinebags.com Review

And just like this Bagaholicsonlinebags.com review points out, it’s not perfection you should be looking for in a bag, but good quality overall.

So if you want to join the Celine Mini Luggage club yourself, take a look here:

Hi Eva,

Finally, my Celine mini luggage w black smooth leather came this Friday. I couldn’t be happier about the bag when I opened the package. For me, this Celine bag is good enough as a replica. Although, I noticed that some detail is not perfect (you can see from the pic that the leather looks not very even and smooth at the top zip place). I do have a lot real designer bags, and even the real ones, sometimes will have issues. Overall, I’m satisfied with this purchase, and I couldn’t make this purchase without your help.
Thanks again^^

Here are some pics of my bag

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Front View

Celine Luggage Replica Back View

Celine Luggage Replica Back View

Celine Luggage Replica Side View

Celine Luggage Replica Side View

Celine Luggage Replica Bottom View

Celine Luggage Replica Bottom View

Celine Luggage Replica Front Pocket

Celine Luggage Replica Front Pocket

Celine Luggage Replica Top Zipper

Celine Luggage Replica Top Zipper

Celine Luggage Replica Date Code

Celine Luggage Replica Date Code

Celine Luggage Replica Stamp

Celine Luggage Replica Stamp

It’s true that the leather should show signs of wear only after it’s been worn for a while, but you need to know that this happens with smooth leather much earlier than with pebbled leather. The only big difference between this fake Celine Mini Luggage and a perfect Celine is the front pocket stitching: the corners should be a bit rounded at the bottom edges. But overall, this bag is obviously of very good quality, from the leather to the stitching and logo stamp.

You’re absolutely right, it’s not uncommon for authentic designer bags to have flaws either, so in the end what matters the most is that you’re happy with your bag. Thank you for your objective Bagaholicsonlinebags.com review!

What do you girls say, does a Celine Luggage replica have to be perfect for you to love it?

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Celine Luggage Summer 2014 Prices

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Follow Leonardo da Vinci: ‘Life without love, is no life’. So true, but here is mine: Wardrobe without the Celine Luggage, is no wardrobe.

The purpose of this blog post is not to spam you with the every detail on the Celine Luggage Tote. Probably one of your friends already has one and a single look at her luggage tote will make her brag all about it.

The Celine Luggage for Summer 2014 Collection looks very bright; in Palmelato Sunflower (yellow) and Palmelato (green) – put it on a small table next to your bed with its face pointing at yours, you’re going to sleep very well tonight.

For those who are graduated from the major ‘color therapy’, Celine hasn’t forgotten about you. The Celine Luggage Tote in Multicolor Sunflower has red ears, yellow face, blue eyes and mouth. You and I should change the fashion university, instead of handing out diploma papers, we should give each graduate their very own Celine Luggage Tote in Multicolor. And we will be honored for boosting the motivation level of every student.

But enough trash talk, let’s have a conversation about prices. These new Celine Luggage Totes are made from smooth calfskin. Celine Luggage totes in single color is €2.200 and the totes in multicolor is retailing for €2.100. Don’t forget to apply for your 12% tax-refund. Like us on Facebook.



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Longchamp Le Pliage Luggage

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Dive into this article to know how extended the famous ‘Le Pliage’ collection actually is. From totes to shoulders and if you are a fan, even in suitcases.

Le Pliage is unique because it’s crafted from ultra light nylon canvas, the design is stylish and strong at the same time. The tote version is available in all-kind-of sizes and colors, there is certainly one that you will love. And if not, customize one, Longchamp has introduced a new site for everyone to have their Le Pliage bag personalized.

The lighter the luggage, the more you are allowed to take in the airplane. The design is not screaming for attention either, unlike the Louis Vuitton version, which will avoid from people trying to steal your belongings.

The interior is well-designed, an enormous space is at your disposal with two-side zip pocket on the top. Measuring 14 ¼ x 21 ¾ x 9 ½ inches, one is all that you need. Available in four colors; black, chocolate-brown, clay and Fuchsia for the most fashionable look. You can also have your own Le Pliage luggage customized. 

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Street Snaps: Kyle Richards In Sportswear And Celine Luggage Tote

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Celebrities Sighted in Beverly Hills on Brighton Way on December 5, 2012

Kyle Richards doesn’t need to get change when walking out of the gym. Nope, no need to dress casual or chic on the streets; glow-in-the-dark kind of sport jacket, black tight-short pants, and a pair of fitting sneakers will do as long as her Celine luggage tote is at her side. Imagine when she is not carrying the luggage tote, but instead a bag from the pacific market, would that change her current look? One thing I do know for sure, her Celine luggage tote looks damned good, for anyone who is interested, this is the ‘mini’ size in black. The mini version loves to play hide-and-seek, peekaboo! (What I mean is that it’s hard to find). And if you like to know where its currently available, perhaps you should follow one of our Celine bags pages and hit the Facebook button on the left so we can remind you to come back from time to time. So, who loves the Celine mini luggage tote? Me, Me, Me!!

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Kendall Jenner Celebrates the Start of NYFW with a Trip to Barneys

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Kendall Jenner Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Here’s Kendall Jenner, dropping into the Barneys Soho location for a little shopping break after a couple days of pre-NYFW model castings. (No word on which designers’ runway show she’ll appear in first.) Her bag is an all-black Céline Nano Luggage Tote, which is among her favorites, and makes an appearance on both sisters in the The Many Bags of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Ms. Jenner reportedly wants to drop her last name and simply go by “Kendall” henceforth. While her modeling career is particularly hot right now, that sort of declaration seems just a tadpremature, and definitely not something you want to announce right before NYFW. UNLESS you’re basically a Kardashian, of course.

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