Chanel Boy Large Stitch Bag


It has finally come to the point that I will be asking you the magic question: ‘How many boys do you think you can handle?’

So many seasonal variations, styles and colors, each of them is crafted with love and care. Each boy bag is like a celebrity that makes us scream whenever the SA says: ‘yes we got one in stock, do you want to take it home’. Yes I want, pack it up, my wardrobe is waiting, impatiently!

A quick recap: up until now, we’ve reviewed a lot of boys from the Paris Dallas 2014 Collection. They are the ‘Chanel Metallized CC Boy Flap Bag’, ‘The New Studded Chanel Boy WOC’, ‘Chanel Boy Studded Flap Bag’ and there are more to come.


But here you see another Chanel Boy from the Paris Dallas 2014 Collection. Note that it’s not related in any way to the Dallas concept, there are no fringes, sheriff stars or vintage leathers, it’s just you and the boy.

The shape is similar to the Chanel Boy Classic Quilted Flap Bag, but the decoration and the design are completely different. First, it’s not quilted (well, if you do not count the appearance that the large stitches are making).

Stitches have always been one of the secret ingredients of Chanel (counting stitches on the Classic Flap Bag is one of the way we authentic a bag), therefore extremely large stitches have been embellished over this bag’s body.

Gorgeous isn’t? A good choice if got the Boy obsession, your next must-have if you’ve already bought a quilted boy flap bag. I find the colors on this Chanel Boy Large Stitch Flap Bag more subtle and relaxing than all other boy bags.

So what do you think?

For more information about the sizes and the prices, please go to Chanel Bags Prices.




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Tory Burch Goes for a Heritage Look

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Tory Burch Saddalrina Large Saddle Bag

I doubt Tory Burch would be irritated to hear me say that hers is not a “heritage” brand by any stretch of the imagination. It hasn’t outfitted anyone for wars or saddled up any horses in its time, and that’s fine; not even billionaire Burch can go back in time and move back the birth of her brand by 100 years. Heritage is big business, though – high-end customers place tons of value on a brand’s history, and that’s probably why the brand new Tory Burch Saddalrina Large Saddle looks like it could be based on an archival bag from the brand’s imagined past.

Or, perhaps, from a brand like Coach’s actual past. The shape and finish of the leather remind me a lot of both the Coach bags my mom carried when I was a kid and the highly-prized classic Coach finds you can occasionally uncover in a vintage store. The long shoulder strap, the medium-tone gold hardware, the glossy-but-not-shiny finish of the leather – it’s all exactly right. Tory even did herself a favor and omitted her signature logo hardware, opting instead for a block T built into the bag’s turnlock closure. (Turnlock! Another classic Coach-esque thing.)

Coach doesn’t capitalize on interest in vintage-looking bags like this quite as ardently as it could, so, to be perfectly frank, I’m glad someone is. At Burch’s price point, this is what heritage looks like, and this bag does a great job pretending that it has a carefully cataloged predecessor from decades past sitting in an archive somewhere.

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