Quilted Beauty: The Michael Kors Susannah

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Michael Kors Susannah Tote

A true quilted beauty, the Michael Kors Susannah! My first thought: Chanel look without the Chanel price tag. Of course, there is no way that I am the only one who thinks this. Sure, tons of high-end and even contemporary designers have played with quilted detailing in the past, not anything new. Chanel isn’t the only designer who has come out with designs that use the quilted leather and leather woven gold chain shoulder straps, however combined together on the same bag leaves an image that is too iconic to ignore.

Regardless of the similarities, this Michael Kors Susannah is stunning. The size and long straps make it the perfect candidate for an everyday work bag or even as a weekend adventure tote. However one little tiny detail that I can’t get over, is that MK logo charm. If I had this bag in my closet, that would have to go. Anyone else? The design should stand on it’s own, and that it why I prefer my bags logo-less.

Michael Kors Susannah

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Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week


We can now confidently say that we have a favorite collection in the series of gorgeous fashion lines unveiled for New York Fashion Week spring 2015 (or have we said it already too many times throughout this NYFW season?)! The absolutely stunning Michael Kors spring/summer 2015 collection uses the inspiration notes “And then he kissed me”, showing a Kors-appropriate way of creating chic outfits, which blend romance with comfort. From the very first look demonstrated up to the last one, from the smallest details used to the breathtakingly cool designs solutions, the Michael Kors spring 2015 rtw collection is a love at first sight, and even if you think you haven’t fallen in love with these dreamy shapes and shades, check your pulse again!

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Marvelous fifties inspired shapes and shades, playful texture and fabric combinations, lots of blooming florals, waist-accentuating belts and pretty transparency plays are the primary details that make the Michael Kors spring/summer 2015 collection this gorgeous and to-die-for. The show kicked off with a trio of head-to-toe pure white looks, featuring easy and chic culottes and a knit sweater, a romantic above-the-knee-length full-skirt dress with Peter Pan collars and a charming leather flower-detail belt fastened on the waist, and a duo of a simple sweatshirt and a high-waisted tea-length full skirt with white floral appliqués. The white fantasy gradually got mixed with a buoyant attitude thanks to the pops of yellow, and navy blue used with tiny floral patterns. Next, we also saw more bright tones, like the bright pinks and muted green, all embellished with tons of florals. However, the collection also brought versatile shades, like the light grays and khakis, creams and navy blues.
While the floral patterns were the protagonists in the Michael Kors spring/summer 2015 collection, we also saw the season’s trending gingham motifs looking so romantic on the retro-style tea-length flared dress, which was again adorned with a leather flower-detail thin belt. The floral appliqués looked especially divine on the high-waisted tea-length full see-through skirts fastened on the waist with a leather belt and matched with simplistic tops and shirts. Who can resist their beauty?!

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week
Besides the feminine dresses and skirts, the Michael Kors spring 2015 collection also features a floral-printed jumpsuit, smart shorts suits, various comfy culottes, shirts and tops, as well as stylish outerwear options. The finale of the show was uber-spectacular, composed of lots of black-and-white gingham patterns and minimalist black looks embellished with curious cuts and slits.
Almost all the looks from the first one up to the end were accessorized with leather belts and comfy and cool flat shoes and sandals, as well as cross-body bags and stylish clutches. There were also some rad sunglasses complementing some of the outfits. The models face was left nude, while the hair was as effortless and chic as the collection itself, featuring loose undone braids.
We are head over heels with the Michael Kors spring/summer 2015 collection and the only thing left for us to do is start purchasing these goodies and long for the next Michael Kors show to get our dose of fashion inspiration!

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – New York Fashion Week

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Katie Holmes Livens Up a Black Outfit with Michael Kors Pumps

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Katie Holmes Michael Kors Avra Paisley Pumps

Here’s Katie Holmes, attending the Lexus Short Films ‘Life is Amazing’ New York premiere in head-to-toe Michael Kors, including the Michael Kors Avra Paisley Pumps. Katie is practically drowning in all that volume, and I do not like this outfit one bit, least of all those pumps. If you feel differently, however, you can find them for $350 at Neiman Marcus.

The Michael Kors brand has produced some great, comparatively affordable bags in the last few years, but I can’t say I particularly care for any of MK’s apparel or shoes. The brand frequently dresses celebs in beautiful formalwear for the red carpet, but I think its ready-to-wear line is rather cheap-looking and severely overpriced. If you’d like to see some of Katie’s far, far better fashion ensembles, you can check out “The Many Bags of Katie Holmes” on PurseBlog.

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Michael Kors Replica Handbags

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Michael Kors is a true New Yorker. His designs also are very urban and vibrant as his home city. First public recognition of his designs was in 1981, when he introduced women clothing line at the top shops of Manhattan - such as Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman and other that were quite happy to receive this young and youthful collection. And they were not wrong in trusting this designer as this brand continues to build its success in fashion markets around the globe. Luckily for us it is possible to purchase handbags from this brand online.

This talented American designer is a graduate from Fashion Institute of Technology that has helped many talented designers to develop their skills and conquer hearts and markets around the world. He is a star designer, of course. His talent is not limited to clothing only, as the beautiful totes, hobos, satchels and messenger handbags have the same quality both in design and functionality.


Michael Kors had a very successful relationship with the French fashion label - Celine, where he was responsible for breathtakingly successful handbag and accessories line, as well as general growth for the brand of Celine. This relationship was lasting 6 years and later he decided to concentrate on his own fashion label under his name. His stunning success was really inspiring and the new collections have earned solid loyal customer base. This brand has also wonderful accessories lines featuring amazing hand bags and shoulder bags and you can purchase Michael handbags online at really attractive prices. They are chic, modern and comfortable leather bags under branded handbag label.

Right now the brand has 2 lines - Kors and Michael Kors and his label is offering wide range of accessories and items; for example, ready to wear for both men and women (including jeans), a very beautiful and blooming line of purses (Beverly bag is doing great and are being widely acknowledged), as well as shoes, accessories, fragrances for men and women and other accessories. They offer the whole range of handbags - evening purse, hobo handbag, satchels, clutches, and messenger bag as well. And when the purse sale happens, it is possible to buy discount purse at a low price. Designer purses from this brand are sold also online. Learn more about Michael Kors handbags on sale ...

Such designer bag as from this designer has already the copy handbag industry after him, so you must be clear that there is a chance to buy replica Michael Kors bag or replica handbag that is fake purse. The replica handbag will not replace the original. Never. Ever. Michael Kors is also not the most expensive handbag brand around and you can buy a decent leather handbag from about 100 dollars. Also original purses on sale can offer you some great discount designer purse deals.

Right now designer bag sale features beautiful Grommet totes (also Michael Webster large tote) and Chrissi satchels with sales prices. Some of discounted hobos and Heidi purses, as well as Chain hobo is also on sale at amazingly low prices. If you need an evening bag, consider the discounted Michael Kors Uptown Astor clutch. Orange Kors Grab purse in beautiful bright shade has reduced price as well. If you want you can buy Michael Kors online and there is best prices guaranteed on such items as Michael Kors Envelope clutch. Purchase these brand's articles online at best prices and receive many discounts and sale prices on these gorgeous handbags totes, including the Beverly line.

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Michael Kors Bags Sale

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Special offers on last seasons top models. New collection at the lowest possible price.

the michael kors

The Michael Kors Handbag — Exuding in Style and Elegance

One of the most popular handbag brands that women often talk about, is Michael Kors. After years of persevering in the industry of fashion, Kors is now gaining worldwide acclaim and recognition among fashion fans, insiders and critics. From clothing to handbags, Michael Kors surely has the items that appeal to both men and women. This article will let you know more about the popular Michael Kors handbag collection and provide you reason enough to get one for yourself, too.

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The demand for branded bags seems to have grown rapidly and significantly over the last few years. Compared to the preferences of women several years back, it may be considered that a lot of women in the modern age are getting more conscious about the bags they carry as they step out of their houses either for work or for a night out with friends and loved ones. Although signature and branded bags are pricier than the usual department store bags, a lot still opt to get them because they help a lot in creating a particularly elegant vibe and sophistication around the women carrying them. And because many women continually care a lot about how they look and how people see them, designer bags are here to stay. Its popularity will not dwindle any soon.

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Affordable Michael Kors Bags

Nowadays, because of the growing popularity of branded bags, knockoffs, copies and replicas are being produced and distributed as well. Although these may be considered as technically fake, those who have limited budget may temporarily get one of the high quality replica Michael Kors handbags available in the market. There are a lot of good quality Michael Kors replica handbags that would hardly seem like they are just copies of the original. If you do your research well, you could find a store selling these things at a bargain.

You can also compare prices from various online shops over the Internet. Also, if you want nothing but authentic Michael Kors handbags, you can look out for auctions and pre-loved bags for sale on eBay.

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Maintaining Your Michael Kors Handbag

As with any valuable item you own, you would surely need to exert an effort in maintaining and taking care of your Michael Kors handbag as well as the other bags in your possession. You should know the proper way of storing and cleaning your bags especially if you do not use one too often. When storing your bags, stuff it with old clothes or cotton to retain its shape. Also, make sure that it is covered with a dust bag. A small pillowcase will do the trick as well.

When cleaning, you should consider the type of stain that you will be dealing with. For instance, lipstick smudges are oil based and these smudges can be easily removed by just wiping. Meanwhile, soil stains would need a warm damp cloth. It must not also be soaked in water. Wiping the stains or dry cleaning it is the best way to maintain leather handbags.

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The MICHAEL Line by Michael Kors

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In 2004, Kors added the MICHAEL and KORS lines to his runway collections. While the KORS collection consisted of jeans and footwear, the MICHAEL line included women's shoes, handbags, and RTW apparel.

While some designs are simple, their styles are unmistakably elegant because of the way different materials and details are played. Designs can range from totes to satchels, purses to evening bags, and hobos to body bags. Designs commonly use a combination of a metal and a specific material such as leather. It has been proven as a very good design move since women from all over the world are now searching for the best Michael Kors bargains that they could find.


Shopping for a replica Michael Kors Bag

Shopping for a Michael Kors Bag can be done both online and in the actual boutiques. If you search on the Internet, there may be about hundreds of websites that allow you to purchase authentic Michael Kors bags with free shipping. There are also sites that tell you spot on that they are selling Michael Kors replicas. Many women who do not yet have the sufficient income to purchase designer bags are very much willing to pay for knockoffs and fake versions of their favorite designs. Some manufacturers copy the designs in order to make them available to women who are on a tight budget.

When shopping online, you just have to be careful about the claims of the website owners regarding the authenticity of the product. Some sellers make it a point to indicate whether a bag is a replica or not. However, there may be some websites who mislead buyers so it is always advised to be extra careful when shopping for Michael Kors replica.

In buying a Michael Kors replica, make sure that you thoroughly check the details. Even though they are knockoffs, there are some which are very well made. You may have to spend a bit more for them, but, in the long run, they will prove to be better options than the cheaper ones. Quality designer bag replicas prove that you can still go after the style and outfit that you want even without spending a fortune for it.


Benefits of Online Shopping

For the price of a few hundred dollars, it is not hard to find a lot of online shop that promises you all the quality that you look for when buying replica bags and other items. The steady progression of the online free market makes us all enjoy the wondrous of replica item shopping without having to go through all the stress and maximum effort when doing it in offline specialty stores. Online shopping for replica goodies are as easy as counting 1-2-3. Let your fingers and mouse do the talking and the haggling on prices and other fees. Search engines are there to guide you in finding your specific needs. Find a retailer or a wholesaler who is both trustworthy and efficient. Truly, shopping for replica bags, shoes and other fashion items are best done online.

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