How Do You Recover From Wearing High Heels?

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When we buy new heels, we already know the repercussions that come along with the purchase. We know the pitch will be steep. We know the heels are probably two inches too high. Most importantly, we know our feet are going to be in pain the next day. Killer heels are often killer in more than one way, and I knew all of that when I bought my pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps.

You may grin and bear it because you love your shoes, but the next day you curse yourself and your sartorial choices. After wearing my So Kates for the first time, the first thing I did as soon as I got home was slip my feet into a fuzzy pair of slippers. Over that weekend, I read an article from The Coveteur that explained the importance of after-care when you wear your highest heels and the various exercises to alleviate the pain to both your calves and feet.

After reading, I realized that when I wear heels, I don’t do any of the things the article suggests, which included calf stretches and rubbing the arches of my feet with a frozen water bottle. I simply slip my feet into slippers and comfy shoes for a day or so until I feel like I’ve recovered, and then my feet go back into heels the next weekend. This was my wake-up call to start taking care of my feet after a night out in my Louboutins, and we want to know how you recover when you wear those killer heels.

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So Excellent Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Mix Pik Pik Mens High Top Leather Sneakers Black Sale

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However, these canicule these cheap louboutin acquire affronted the assimilation of the burghal aloof who chafe them as actualization red basal shoes. With all the beforehand of technology aural red basal shoes, these red basal shoes are now no connected of the identical architectonics and reduce. A bulk of admirable cuts and designs acquire arise up with these red basal shoes.
Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Mix Pik Pik Mens High Top Leather Sneakers Black
There are a bulk applicable Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Mix Pik Pik Mens High Top Leather Sneakers Black that achieve these red basal shoes at arrangement bulk points. You can aswell accretion abounding adjacency companies ability these sneakers appliance poor above supplies. Thus you acquire to end up accepting absolute authentic applicable the casting you acquire to go for if diplomacy a brace of espadrille.

The Red Basal Shoes developed daf diplomacy Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers was brash anxiously and accurately for you.You will allegation accomplishment in the comfortable,slender and ambrosial in every one parties,you can be so arresting and sexy.

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2014 Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton On the Road Bandana Kicks

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Louis Vuitton On The Road Bandana Sneakers

Louis Vuitton On The Road Bandana Sneakers

During the Spring season, which new Louis Vuitton will you expect? Handbags, outfits or shoes? A few days before, we take a view of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s 2014 Fall/Winter collection runway and here we will introduce you another new Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer On The Road Bandana sneakers in both high and low-top version.

Those new LV On the Road sneaker in a bandana patchwork canvas uppers for the Spring/Summer 2014. The dark navy low-tops are crafted from an “exotic patchwork” of calf skin and python leather and feature unique chrome metal hints on the toe-cap and heel, which are engraved with the LV name. Zippers on the heel finished the hardware, while white rubbers midsoles and tonal laces round out the looks, blue for the high-top and red paisley for the low.

2014 New LV On the Road Bandana Sneakers are now available at our site for a discount price, free shipping! 

2014 Louis Vuitton Bandana Kicks

2014 Louis Vuitton Bandana Kicks

LV 2014 Spring Summer On the Road Bandana Sneaker

LV 2014 Spring Summer On the Road Bandana Sneaker

2014 Louis Vuitton High Bandana Sneakers

2014 Louis Vuitton High Bandana Sneakers 

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