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Fashion large handbag jokingly said “is more reliable than men,” did not back off big size handbag woman certainly can not appreciate where humor. This can only “be tolerant to diversity,” the handbag is a woman’s most intimate friends, it filled our necessities, in case of non-essentials and our little secret. Only large handbag women in the workplace can be a type capable briefcase, the journey may be accompanied by about practical large bag, it can also be your casual chic shopping bags out to the streets. In short, this tote should be large enough, it constantly reminds us: a woman can walk independently chic world!

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Certainly beyond the classic “came out on top”, Replica Givenchy Antigona Handbags with lightning speed jump on the throne, in addition to housekeeping classic black, bright color is the key to a fresh people, profile of neutral and practical bag body stiffness , suitable for winter dress.

Highlights: handbag trapezoidal shape for the unique design, ring handle and elegant atmosphere. Do not worry about obsolescence, use this bag made of 100% genuine leather, is even more evident as time goes by it’s precious.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Product design: simple and elegant shape, practical size, Givenchy Antigona Medium Sugar Goatskin Satchel Bag Oxblood a variety of color combinations, make bags full of charm. As a Tote, the details of its handle and Logo at atmospheric whims. Replica Givenchy Handbags has maintained a “elegant style”, “stylish, simple, feminine” – people relive the style of the essence of the brand over the years in his lively and elegant shape of the female image.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Antigona replica handbag launch of the new season, is a classic Boston-inclusive tote for the outline, with a strong neutral style designers like starting in the tote surface arc pulled out a three-dimensional box-shaped curve, so to add a soft shape sub rigid sense of design. It can be hand-held and shoulder design with dual-modern style, becoming Hollywood actress no Hollywood public house favorite.

Replica Givenchy Handbags

Care and maintenance: 1, to prevent temperature, rain, humidity, pressure, touch scratch; 2, mildew, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances; 3, often with a clean, soft cloth to wipe the metal parts, making it bright as new; 4, should be cleaned before storing leather, the right amount of leather care agents, and maintenance ventilated place; 5, should be kept in supporting the dust bag.

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Givenchy Lucrezia Tote

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givenchy_lucrezia-toteIn a bid to expand their range of offerings as far as bags are concerned,  Givenchy is back with a new model for Pre-Fall 2013, one of many to come that’s also inspired by the Boston-styled Lucrezia. Simply known as the Givenchy Lucrezia Tote, it sports the same pair of raised leather detailing you’ll find on the Lucrezia, as well as the short rounded top handles.

Structured and slightly boxy even, the great thing going for it has to be the way the colour combination comes together, one bright red, the other in bright green on a nude leather background that’s trimmed with bits of black and white.

As far as I know, it comes in 2 sizes, Mini and Medium that are priced at SGD2650 andSGD3050 respectively, with the Medium coming in at around 30 cm by 35 cm, which isn’t exactly big enough for a guy, if you ask me. But for the ladies, it’s almost perfect, especially if you prefer a tote that comes with a shoulder sling which this one does.

Now available at Givenchy Paragon, you can check both sizes out and decide if this is going to be the one for you.

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Givenchy Mini Antigona Bag For Spring Collection

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Whether it’s the ‘mini’ or the ‘medium’, they are both can’t-live-without. Once you’ve experienced the attraction of the Antigona Bags, you’re hooked forever.

For the Spring 2015 Collection, we’re going to showcased new colors of the Mini Antigona Handbags. Purple, Metallic, Black, Yellow and Orange are perfect companions for your summer outfit. Though it’s called the ‘mini’, the shape of the body is surprisingly large enough to get your essentials structured and safe.

The Givenchy Mini Antigona Bags are available in grained leather, which is smooth and luxurious, and they are also available in shiny leathers.

For the Spring 2015 Collection, Givenchy presented another option for those that love everything-soft. The Antigona is also made in Suede, which is ideal for the new season. Remember to top that in your wish list.

The Mini Antigona comes with a detachable shoulder strap, one internal zip pocket and two internal patch pockets. The grained leather is made from goatskin and they are measured 18 x 28 x 13 (H x W x D) cm.


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New Givenchy Folie de Noir Holiday 2014 Collection



Occasionally, we love to write a short review about the latest Givenchy Beauty Collection, not only because they are packed luxurious and beautiful, but also because they are made with quality.

For the next holiday collection, Givenchy presented the ‘Folie de Noir’, translated to English: ‘Black Madness’. They completely moved away from their comfort zone, we mean the colors that they usually release, like red and gold.

First, a box of nine stars glitters eye shadow is being offered, all your favorite shades are included but then darker. It also features a black shimmering eyeshadow, midnight blue mascara, a gloss and a lipstick, and two nail polishes.

So what do you think?




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Day 7: Sometimes a classic black bag is just what your wardrobe needs and while the Givenchy Antigona is far from new, the allure continues. I've been seeing this bag in black pop up everywhere, from celebrities to Instagram photos to being carried on someone's arm next to me, and it's just so good. Classic, black, and easily one of the most coveted bags in the past few years, this bag would compliment any collection.

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Givenchy New Line Flap Bag in Black
Size: 9.5’ x 7.5’ x 3.5’ inches
Price: $2,492 USD or £1,458 GBP

Givenchy is really bringing-in some serious design ideas with the release of their New Line Flap Bags! We can’t help but wonder how the manage to do it every season, though we’re clearly pleased. Clean lines, a compact shape and made with only the finest materials, this flap is surely gonna be a huge hit!






Givenchy New Line Flap Bag in Brown
Size: 9.5’ x 7.5’ x 3.5’ inches
Price: $2,492 USD or £1,458 GBP


Givenchy New Line Flap Bag in Velvet and Leather
Size: 10’ x 7.5’ x 3’ inches
Price: $2,390 USD or €1,750 EUR via MyTheresa

This baby is bound to give you a different bag experience compared to others – with its adjustable sling and silver tone metal hardware, you better not mess with the New Line. It’s as versatile as you can imagine!

You can get your very own Givenchy New Line Flap Bag via MyTheresa and Matches Fashion.

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