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Weeks before packing my extra-large suitcase, I was already feeling excited, ready for the Euro-trip. I gathered as much information as I can, I knew exactly in details (almost…) which Chanel bag I am going to hunt, it’s black, it’s quilted, it’s tha boy I want.

From my Chanel-In-Europe experience, you are either at the right time and at the right spot or it’s nothing at all. You and I are not the only one who’s determined to capture an iconic bag at 31 Rue Cambon Paris, and we are certainly not the only one who has created a back-up plan in case something go wrong – let’s try London, Amsterdam and Rome right?

For those who are forced to fly back home empty handed, we are going to show you an alternative bag, that we know you will adore. Presenting the Chanel Wallet on Chain Fancy CC (also known as WOC). We found the fancy CC accidentally, but it’s from the new Spring Summer 2014 Collection.

You see, the Fancy CC has inherited a couple of DNA’s (or more) from the Chanel Classic Quilted Flap Bag Embroidered with Chains that we’ve showed on our site a month ago. It’s has the same size as the WOC quilted bag, measuring around 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′. Actually it does look quite similar, but the details and differences can be found in the flat quilted, the refined large embroideries with the new engraved CC signature.

You will not find this bag at Chanel website, so do ask the SA for more information.

Style code: A80149
Size: 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′
Price: $1,850 USD
Colors: Blue and black in silver hardware
Leather: Calfskin

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Chanel Fancy Crochet Bag

Garls, the Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection! So far, so good. We’ve covered the Chanel Coco Sailor Flap bags and threw a little bed-time story about how Gabrielle Chanel got inspired by sailor stripes (and the tradition of France). And certainly, you wouldn’t have missed our review on the easy caviar flap right? The easy caviar is not a new bag, but it has returned for the cruise collection.

One of the most talk-about winter accessories is the Chanel Fancy Crochet bag. It’s a seasonal bite that you don’t want to miss. Classic bags won’t run very far, they will be available in the next season, why not put them on hold, temporary. And so, if you happen to run into a Chanel boutique tomorrow or in the weekend, don’t forget to try-out this new obsession.

The first time Chanel published this bag, I was a bit confused. I mean, it’s nice, but what is it made of? Isn’t that kind-of a pick nick bag for the summer, in the park? But I was wrong, every piece on the Fancy Crochet bag is made by hand. Yes, with knots of ribbon, that makes it all special. The eye-catching CC clasp adorned with lambskin, in black and golden edge. And now the chain; elegance couldn’t be more perfect as it’s made from antique gold hardware in white and black. Wear it on your shoulder.

Now let’s get to business. The Chanel Fancy Crochet bag is available in bi-color; black and white or white and black. Measuring 6.3x 9.4 x 3.1 and the style code is: A92108. 

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