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And right when I thought that I’ve seen it all, a member of our site posted an unknown handbag. To be honest, we thought it was fake.

So we dug in and try to find more information.

Well, it happened to be called the Hermes Etribelt Bag and it was launched during the Spring Summer 2012 Collection. Do you want to know more?

This bag is from the ‘Etri’ Collection, basically everything Hermes with an ‘Etri’ in its name means that it comes with a belted detail. And so this bag comes with a big orange belt in the front and functional as a closure.

Actually, the Etribelt Bag was inspired by a belted trench coat (ahh, now you see huh?) This bag can be worn in two ways, you can belt it or not, it’s up to you. When this bag was released, it was available in different colors, but it come with leathers like Togo and Evergrain Calfskin.

Also, hear the opinions of our community:

This bag is quite light weighed and pretty, it reminds us of the Kelly flat (in some way) because of the style and the stitching. The orange color is very Hermes, which is classic.

It’s very elegant, and the strap is not as difficult as the one on the Kelly. And of course, the handles are lovely too, and I like it because it doesn’t come with any hardware and the shape is very sleek.

Measuring 10.5′ x 13′ x 5′ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $6900 USD and 787.000 Yen (2012 price).



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