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This is a brand-new flap bag for the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. This Clasp Bag is nothing similar to the Classic Bags except for the quilting of course. Which is actually great, because there are so many people carrying the Classic Flap Bag nowadays. The design is bold but has elements of a lady bag. Is it boyish?

The Chanel Clasp Flap Bag is a sophisticated but a stunning handbag. It’s designed with straight lines and studs on the edges. The center of the bag is quilted while the edges are made in smooth leather, which reminds me of the boy bag. The center also features a clasp with the CC logo on it. Is this inspired by the Beauty Lock Bag? For the final refinement, a nice golden line has been embellished on the ends of the quilting.

This bag comes with the classic woven chain strap, similar to the Classic Flap Bag. It can be carried on your shoulder and cross body. The materials used to craft are lambskin and metallic calfskin, so what do you think?

Style code A91836, measuring 4.9’ x 8.3’ x 2.8’ inches, priced at $4000 USD, €3850 euro, £3420 GBP, $30300 HKD, ¥488160 JPY, ¥29800 CNY, $5075 CAD via Chanel boutiques.






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Again, we’re giving you your much needed dose of Chanel with the CC Crossing Wallet! Are you ready for this? Sit back, relax and enjoy our preview…but hey, before anything else, you may want to check the origins of this pretty leather piece. We had two features on the Chanel CC Crossing Flap Bag a few weeks ago, which you may enjoy scrolling through.

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READ: A Closer Look: Chanel CC Crossing Flap Bag 2

This quilted leather wallet will surely be a big hit among Chanel lovers and bag collectors, and why not? It’s made with only the finest lambskin, and of course, let’s not forget about the pristine craftsmanship on this thing. Chanel never misses a detail! As you can see, it has a silver ‘CC’ signature in front, which sparkles beautifully against the sleek leather background. Nobody quite does it like Chanel!

Measuring 3.9’ x 7.3’ x 1’ inches, and with a style code of A82259, you can get your very own CC Crossing Wallet for €675 EUR via Chanel boutique.


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Remember this bag? You not?

Well, let us freshen your mind, it’s the Chanel CC Eyelet Flap Bag from the Pre-Fall 2015 Bag Collection.

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When we first spotted this bag, we were like… all right, it’s another seasonal flap bag. Nothing-spectacular right?

Yep, we were so wrong and Ornoi woke us up. This bag is prettier than the model-image on Chanel’s website. And we are so-in-love.

The look? It’s almost similar to the Classic Flap Bag – quilted, leather woven chains, CC logo and 100% timeless. It comes in different colors, including brown and black (go safe).

I am not sure about the exact size, and how many sizes are available. But we do know that’s so-much cheaper than the Classic Flap Bag. Does that count?

Well, we do not want to say too much, because these pictures are worth more than 1000 words for sure. See it yourself, Ornoi has presented the bag from the outside…all the way to the inside and even detailed the handles and chains.

You will love this bag.

Ornoi bought this bag for $3400 USD at Hirshleifers on May 2015. It’s not a WOC-like bag in case you’re guessing, it’s really a flap bag. We expect it to be priced around €2400 euro, £1730 GBP and $4180 SGD. Style code should be A92890.

Shopping spree time? Anyone?

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Chanel CC Espadrilles


Stefanie messaged us a few days ago, she went to Vienna to buy a Chanel GST, which are now retailing for €1950 euro’s. In case you also need to know about the prices of the Chanel GST XL, they are now €2300 euro’s.

The next day, Stefanie went back to the Chanel boutique in Vienna, she was hunting for a pair of Espadrillefrom the Cruise 2014 Collection. But they were sold out, here’s what she said:

‘I wanted to buy espadrille and they told me they are all sold out. The moment they re-stock them they are already sold to those on the waiting list’.

Waiting list?

Waiting list!

So we went to do a quick research, and the conclusion: Chanel Espadrilles are now hotter than the sun, even Saks need to refill their stock.

Oh my, it’s now summer right? Don’t you need a pair of good shoes? I mean, as much as we need to buy new clothes to match the season, we also need shoes right?

So check your wish list and put those sandals, slippers and flats on temporary hold, the Chanel Espadrilles are a ‘must have’, period!

Crafted in rainbow colors, including blue, red, brown, white and even in black. Also, choose your material; in Canvas, Leather or Mesh. There is certainly a combination that will suit your style or personality. The CC signature is embellished on the front and the edges are decorated like the iconic chain links. These Chanel Espadrilles are made to walk.

Chanel CC Espadrille in Leather: $550 USD, around 375 euro’s.
Chanel CC Espadrille in Canvas: $525 USD
Chanel CC Espadrilles in Mesh: $450 USD





For those who are more comfortable with Lace ups (or if you are used to sneakers), then check out these gorgeous shoes. They are also from the Cruise 2014 Collection and are priced at $595 USD.




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Chanel WOC Fancy CC


Weeks before packing my extra-large suitcase, I was already feeling excited, ready for the Euro-trip. I gathered as much information as I can, I knew exactly in details (almost…) which Chanel bag I am going to hunt, it’s black, it’s quilted, it’s tha boy I want.

From my Chanel-In-Europe experience, you are either at the right time and at the right spot or it’s nothing at all. You and I are not the only one who’s determined to capture an iconic bag at 31 Rue Cambon Paris, and we are certainly not the only one who has created a back-up plan in case something go wrong – let’s try London, Amsterdam and Rome right?

For those who are forced to fly back home empty handed, we are going to show you an alternative bag, that we know you will adore. Presenting the Chanel Wallet on Chain Fancy CC (also known as WOC). We found the fancy CC accidentally, but it’s from the new Spring Summer 2014 Collection.

You see, the Fancy CC has inherited a couple of DNA’s (or more) from the Chanel Classic Quilted Flap Bag Embroidered with Chains that we’ve showed on our site a month ago. It’s has the same size as the WOC quilted bag, measuring around 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′. Actually it does look quite similar, but the details and differences can be found in the flat quilted, the refined large embroideries with the new engraved CC signature.

You will not find this bag at Chanel website, so do ask the SA for more information.

Style code: A80149
Size: 4.8′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′
Price: $1,850 USD
Colors: Blue and black in silver hardware
Leather: Calfskin

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Chanel Trendy CC Tote


When we first announced the release of the Chanel Valentine Flap 2014, Michelle (our lovely FB follower) fell so deep in love that she couldn’t keep her eyes off the bag. But finally her husband asked her to stop looking. Is it our fault that we’ve fallen in love with a bag? I mean love is beyond our control right?

The Chanel Trendy CC tote is nominated to be the biggest deceiver of the Spring Summer Pre-collection 2014. You see, the images shown on CHANEL official site weren’t enough to judge its beauty. We have only SEEN the front, not the top.

At the first look; everything about the Trendy CC tote is attractive; it’s quilted, the CC logo looks delicious, the interwoven chain links are oh-my-god, yum yum and the top handle creates another optional way to carry, pretty functional. But the Trendy CC tote has already everything that we need to pull out our credit card and max the $5,000 USD out.


As curious as we were, we kept searching for more images. And finally we spotted a picture that reveals the top of the Trendy CC tote, its true colors…

There was a darn ‘metal frame’ embellished on the top and Chanel’s signature was printed on it. That was the final blow, this bag is overwhelming gorgeous. (Please support us by liking our Facebook Page)

Don’t look at it for too long because its cursed, once it got your eyes, you can’t stop looking. It’s like you are under its spell. That’s how beautiful it is.


Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag

Style code: A92236
Size: 6.7″ x 9.8″ x 4.7″
Price: $5,100 USD

Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag
Style code: A92237
Size: 10.2″ x 12.2″ x 6.3″
Price: $6,200 USD

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