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Do you love Denim? Well, Valentino has just released an interesting collection – Denim with butterflies? Ya get it?

We know we can’t go without denim jeans but handbags? The collection consists of the Rockstud Tote Bag, Backpack and the famous Rockstud shoulder bag. They’re all completely made in Blue Denim.

The butterflies are cool prints; we’ve spotted them in the Spring as well as the Winter collection. That means, they’re timeless. The butterflies are really gorgeous and we all know Valentino’s expertise in designing and making handbags.

But honestly, would you go for these items?




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Mixing Valentino and Butterfly together is like eating Cupcakes and Macaron at the same time. It’s dangerous, beautiful and obsessive.

You see, we did picked these shoes for a reason.

1). First Espadrilles are as hot as burning coal, they are sold-out everywhere and if we can inform you about all the alternatives, the better.

2). You need not only comfy shoes, but also the ones that match to this season…summer! And looking at these Espadrilles, it will give you feet all the air and comfy it need. So you will end up with Happy Feet.

Valentino embroidered these shoes with lace upper with leather edging. To make sure you can walk on these for hours (you know, shopping and sight seeing…), they have put some rubber soles on the bottom.

The design is as beautiful as the wings of a butterfly; it’s sophisticated, soft and feminine. You will love it. Priced at $595 USD viaLuisa Via Roma.





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Alexander McQueen Butterfly And Cyrstal Knucklebox Clutch

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We should treat our wardrobe like a warehouse – wide assortment in all shapes and colors and always in stock (this make Chanel storage room a bad example – the iconic = usually sold-out). And so for the most beautiful evening demands a beautiful clutch, every girl should have at least one secret weapon that she can pull out of her closet whenever she needs to.

I’m calling the Alexander McQueen Knucklebox Clutch bag for help, not only is this collection (the Knucklebox collection) famous for its unquestionable superior quality but the latest design is itching my irresistible-bag-addiction. Yes I am a bag addict, but who can say no to a jewel-like evening clutch?

The structured Alexander McQueen box clutch is covered in light-pink suede and then refined with silver-tone hardware. The crystals are put on the top of the knuckle with love and care, my weakness go to the 4D butterfly detailing in gorgeous bright pink. Hide your little pretty things in the leather interior, and slide your fingers into the knucklebox. And effortless? Measuring 6 x 7 x 2 inches (L x H x W)

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