Just Can’t Get Enough: Khloé Kardashian’s Hermès Birkin Collection is Nearly as Impressive as Her Mom’s

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[Editor’s Note: This post generated the most fascinating comments on PurseBlog in 2015 (and was still generating them as recently as Thanksgiving, five months after its original publication), and we wanted to give you guys a chance to catch up and chime in with your own stories while we finish up the holidays and spend a little bit more time with our loved ones. If you haven’t read through the comments, we really recommend it–some of them are incredibly interesting and insightful about the process of acquiring the world’s most sought-after handbag.]

For some reason, it seems like the entirety of the fashion Internet has been talking about how to buy a Birkin lately. Lauren Sherman wrote about the bag’s enduring appeal for Bloomberg, Megs mentioned how she got hers in an interview with Racked and this one Harper’s Bazaar story on the process keeps tumbling down my Facebook newsfeed. If I’ve learned anything in my time at PurseBlog, though, it’s that there’s no One True Way to get a Birkin.


Tales of wait lists and long-term relationship-building with Hermès boutique employees abound, but Megs got her black Birkin by going into a store where she had no prior purchase history and asking nicely. Authentic Birkins are bought and sold every day on eBay, buyers are more than willing to scoop them up at traditional auctions like Heritage or Christie’s and sites like Moda Operandiregularly host short-term sales of expertly sourced Birkins. In some ways, getting a Birkin now is easier than ever, as long as you’re not a stickler about buying it directly from the brand. (And, in many cases, as long as you’re not picky about paying a markup for the immediate gratification.)

There are, of course, many people who become trusted Hermès clients and eventually get offered the bag of their dreams; our PurseForum is filled with stories about magical calls from Hermès boutiques, many out of the blue. The purchase of almost any bag has a story, and when the particular bag starts at $10,000 and only goes up from there, the stories are often well worth a listen. Today, we’d like to hear yours. Did you stick with the traditional route, get lucky or seek out alternative avenues?

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Hermès Debuts Minimalist Birkin

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There are few sacred things in handbag design, but among them is the Hermès Birkin. When Hermès is feeling creative, the brand generally looks to the Kelly to make tweaks and create new versions–we documented nearly a dozen in our guide to Hermès bag styles, and that doesn’t include limited editions. There are far fewer Birkin styles, but now, there’s another to add to the list: the pared-down Hermès Sellier Birkin 40.

According to T Magazine, Hermès leather design director Couli Jobert set out to de-clutter the Birkin down to its essential look, which involved losing the lock and key, hiding the stitching, smoothing the edges and removing the interior lining. The resulting 40cm bag comes only in black cowhide (T didn’t specify the Hermès leather name) with Palladium hardware, and it’ll set you back $14,900.

The timing of this Birkin is perfect; although interest in Hermès bags is seemingly unending, minimalism is very much en vogue for day bags, and any design, even a Birkin, runs the risk of feeling stale as trends ebb and flow. Breaking the Birkin down to its simplest state not only gives aficionados something to chatter about and clamor for, but it reminds all of us that Hermès is successful because the brand is built on a foundation of exceptional design and materials. Most brands’ bags would not fare as well when stripped down to their bones, but the Birkin’s magic endures.


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How To Ruin A Good Hermes Birkin Replica Bag!

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It’s true that you can find a Hermes Birkin replica bag in almost any hue, but even so, if you want your replica Hermes bag to look authentic, make sure that particular color you want actually exists. The more colors, the merrier, but make sure you don’t fall into this trap.

Okokbagbag.com Review

Okokbagbag.com Review

But it’s not only the color that makes or breaks a fake Birkin bag. When it comes to Hermes, it’s all about the subtle details that show just how good that replica really is. And after reading this Okokbagbag.com review you’re going to understand what I’m talking about.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard about a new replica Hermes purses site and then I received this Okokbagbag.com review. At first glance this Hermes Birkin replica bag looks better than most replicas. But then when you get to details that take a replica close to perfection, this bag becomes a big disappointment.

Let’s read my friend’s email and after that I’ll share my thoughts with you:

Hey, Eva!

I wrote this review with many mixed feelings… All the ordering process went pretty smoothly. I sent them a few emails before I actually placed the order because I was looking for a specific shade of blue. I even sent them pics with it. They said they have that color, but it’s not on the site. Even though it usually took them a day or two to answer, I was satisfied by their customer service because at least I got my answers.

So anyway, I finally decided to buy it, I placed the order, I paid by credit card and then I received the tracking #. It took 14 days for my bag to arrive, which I don’t think it’s too long considering it comes all the way from China.

At first I was in awe! It’s wasn’t the exact hue I requested but still, it was an amazing blue color! The stitching looks really good IMO and so does the leather. Well, almost too good to be true! I got so excited that at first I didn’t even notice that the logo was missing! And no sign of hardware engraving either! I couldn’t stop thinking why this happened to me…

It made me really sad, but I had to return it. I had to pay for the return shipping but at least I got my money back. I wrote them about this asking if all their Birkins miss logo and engravings but it’s been almost 2 weeks and they haven’t answered. I guess I’m not the only one this happened to.

Obviously, I’m not ordering anything from them again. I’m still mourning that beautiful blue color though :(

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Front View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Front View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Side View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Side View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Bottom View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Bottom View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Inside View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Inside View

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching Detail

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stitching Detail

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Handles

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Handles

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Logo Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Logo Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stamp Missing

Hermes Birkin Replica Bag Stamp Missing

What a shame! This Hermes Birkin replica bag had so much potential! But without the logo, the engravings and the stamping, this looks just like a bag that imitates a Birkin. Way to ruin a Hermes replica!

Girls, if you want to make sure your Hermes Birkin replica bag is good, it’s essential to check these things:

1. The logo – sure, the logo is not perfect on most knockoff Hermes handbags. Still, make sure it reads “Hermes Paris Made in France”, that the font is right and that the letters are crisp and clear. The color of the stamp should match the color of the hardware.
2. The engravings on the clasp and on the padlock should be thin and delicate. It takes a really soft touch to make them right and that’s why it’s one of the things that separates a good replica Hermes Birkin from a poorer one. The pull piece of the zipper should be engraved too.
3. Talking about the padlock, where is it? This is another piece in the puzzle that’s missing.
4. I.D. check – Every Birkin should feature an I.D. code on the reverse side of the leather strap in the right. This stamp indicates two things: the artisan’s ID and a letter inside a square that indicates the year the bag was made. For example, “M” is 2009, “N” is 2010 and so on.

The devil is in the details and this is even more obvious when it comes to replica Hermes handbags! You can’t expect everything to be perfect, but at least you know what you should look for so that you choose the best fake Birkin bag!

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Let’s Check in with Our Favorite Real Housewives and Their Handbags

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How To Buy A Hermes Birkin Bag?

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baffling question that is more complicated to answer than understanding men. If you are actively searching for a Hermes Birkin Bag, then I am pretty sure that there are more question-marks circling around your head, like:

How much is a Hermes Birkin Bag? Let’s extend it – in Europe, United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong?

Of course; How to buy a Hermes Birkin Bag?

Some of what we’ve heard; Can you buy Birkin online?

How long for the Hermes Birkin Bag waitinglist?

Is the Hermes Birkin 35 size ideal?

The biggest question we usually get is; What is the current Hermes Birkin Bag price?

The other day I found a very interesting youtube video and I need to share with you. Combining with the responses from our community – from people who were seeking for a Birkin Bag and from those who had found the Birkin Bag without the waitinglist (usually by accident), the information shared in this video can be (partly) true:






Pictures courtesy of: Youtube

A very short history; Why is the Hermes birkin so popular?

The story goes that the Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas was sitting on a flight one day, from Paris to London. As he was sitting next to Jane birkin, the items in her bag fell to the deck and she scrambled to pick them up. And because Jane told Dumas that it’s not easy to find a leather weekend bag, he created a black bag for her in 1984. And since then the bag became an iconic.

Can you explain why the Hermes Birkin bag is so expensive?

Patrick Thomas, the ex-CEO of Hermes, has clarified this question explicitly during the interview with the Canadian Press. ‘There’s always one craftsman responsible for the whole process of the bag, from the start to the end. To create a single bag, it cost around 15 to 20 hours’.

But why is this bag more valuable than all other designer bags?

According to Thomas, it’s because of the intensive labor and the raw material that Hermes uses to create the bag. And he continued with details: ‘It requires not only specialized skills but also high experienced craftsmen, and the labor cost is equal to the hours of work that it is need to get the product done. Then you’ve to deal with raw materials, Hermes source and only use the best of the best for each Birkin’.

Hermes Birkin Replica?

Perhaps it’s because the Birkin waiting list is too long or because the price is just too high, some people do prefer to buy a replica. Though I’ve to admit that some replicas are done very well, but it can never compare to an authentic Birkin. I can only imagine the cost price of such bag, it must be huge. Are the replica companies prepare to drive such costly operation? I don’t think so, their only focus is making profit and not building a solid reliable brand.

I’d belief that the difference between an authentic designer bag (whether it’s a Birkin or not), lies in both craftsmanship, but also in the leather. Strip the leather off and it’s naked, the entire experience will vanish. In the end, it’s not only the brand, but it’s the trust we have in the brand – we need to be certain that we will get the bang for our bucks.

Now let’s talk about the Birkin waiting list, I will let our community speak:

Oh and the store in Paris advised they don’t do wait list anymore but they could be just saying that because it was overwhelming for them since there was long line (queue) of people waiting to buy.

Here’s another one from Viess:

In Singapore: Yes they mentioned the waiting list for Kelly and Birkin had closed since 5 yrs back’.

Now that some Hermes stores do not carry waiting list, I guess we should be grateful if we are on the waiting list of the waiting list.

In a minute you will understand why I am baffled by the question: ‘How To Get A Hermes Birkin Bag’. Though I get B’s and A’s for mathematics, I just can’t figure out a standard formula that you can follow. There are people in our community that got the Birkin Bag, and I mean – first time visiting Hermes boutique, not even on the waiting list and they somehow got the Hermes Birkin thrown in their face.

From Mellisa: ‘And just told my SA that I am looking for an Etoupe Birkin and he didn’t put me on the waiting list. Just kept an eye on stocks and when it came yesterday he called me and well I am picking up my baby tomorrow. It’s a togo‘.

From ES: ‘Finally got my first Birkin in Paris. Indeed hard to get, was just plain lucky. Can’t refuse when the SA showed me – Birkin 35 in Veau Barenia – light brown leather color. This is a smooth leather, the one they use for Hermes Saddles. SA said this is vintage piece (it is brand new but history goes a long way back) and they even display one in their Museum (anybody heard of Hermes Museum??). Unfortunately it will be hard to maintain as it scratches easily but it is surprisingly it is water proof‘.

Natalie’s aunty visiting Lyon: ‘However, my aunty said that it is very difficult now to get between Hermes or Kelly…It is because the demand of those bags increase 3 times. Anyway, my aunty gets herself a B35 bag in red in St Honore store. Lucky her!!!‘.

Anonymous member: ‘My husband saw a birkin 40 in black togo at New York 2 months ago‘.

I guess you just need to be lucky! But there’s more, we received mixed opinions:

From Gigi: ‘Yes, I know we can fly over to Paris to buy the bag but it is thousand miles away from my home which is locating in Asia. I am feeling that Hermes has set up certain stand or ranking to classifying the customers. If you a regular customer, you must spend at least certain amount of $$ in yearly basis and they will classify you as VIP and will call you and tell you that there is stock available. Here, there is a tycoon who can buy 6 to 7 pieces of Hermes birkin every quarter for his girlfriends as present and he sends birkin as gift to his staff‘.


Hermes Birkin Bag and Airports

Another question we usually get is about Hermes Birkin and its availability at Airports. We have been well informed that these two variables just don’t work together, listen:

From ES: ‘I had a stopover at Frankfurt and I went to the Hermes store at the airport. The SA told me that it is impossible to get Birkin at any airport store. However, it is cheaper by 16% (VAT refund for foreigners and they give you back in cash with min purchase of euro 15) if you want to buy other things like scarves, bangles etc. Well, no harm trying!’.

Can you buy Birkin online?

I belief that the Hermes waiting list is too long because there are a lot resellers on it. Resellers buy Hermes birkin for a retail price and then sell it in their store for a premium price, and it goes as high as 20 – 30 percent on the top of what they’ve paid.

H-fanatic point it out very clearly: ‘Say in past year alone, I must have visited at least 25 different H stores, some repeatedly for weeks, around the world ( mostly London, HK, Singapore, Italy, Australia) but I have never seen a Kelly or birkin offered for sale openly. Because the demand far outstrips supply. You have two options. Buy from a reseller at some 20-30 percent premium or become a valued customer at a particular store by buying “enough” of their higher margin, less demand non bags stuff (scarves, rings, watches, clik claks, CDCs). After each purchase, they record your particulars, this is to track your purchasing power and ranking. After one yr of buying many non bags stuff, I finally became their vip of sorts. I have been offered 2 kellys by the store in past 3 months, which I turned down due to the color. Both routes have their pros and cons. buying from H boutique gives u peace of mind but u end up having or learning to appreciate their non bag stuffs. Buying from reseller allows u to choose the size and color u want at a premium, but runs the risk of getting a fake’.

And that also answered the next question: ‘how trustworthy are resellers?’. I cannot answer this question due to limited experience, but as H-fanatic mentioned, you run the risk of getting a fake bag!

How to buy a Hermes Birkin online?

Since Hermes does not sell their most valuable bag on the internet (why should they, there is enough demand), you can’t buy it from their official website. Resellers publish their assortment on the internet, you can place an order and have the bag send to you. But do note the risk:

‘What if the bag get lost during its trip to your house?’

‘What if it’s not authentic?’

‘What if it is damaged?’

And the most important question: ‘Is it worth it?’

Hermes Birkin sizes: our research and data showed that Birkin fans usually choose the size 35. It’s either 30 or 35 depending on your height and personal preferences, but 35 is not too big and not too small, perfect as an everyday tote.

About the Birkin prices, we update them frequently at this page: Hermes Bag Prices. And just like any designer brands, Hermes increases their prices from time to time. The last price increase was around January 2014. It went from anywhere between 6 to 10 percent.

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