Balenciaga Classic City Arena in Net Bleu Dragée

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One famous question we get often about Balenciaga is: ‘What is the difference between Arena City and the Classic City bag?’, do you want to know the answer?

Well, here is it; there are actually NO differences, they are the same bag. The Classic City Bag got their name thanks to the regular hardware embellishment.

But let’s get down to fashion, just recently Balenciaga has proudly announced the release of their next Classic City edition. And its new name? The Balenciaga Classic City Arena in New Blue Dragée. The shape, design and the color make it the perfect accessory for the next season, prepare yourself for the summer, it’s going to be hot.

But what can be hotter than the Classic City Bag? It’s one of the most sought-after iconic. This version is designed with perforated lambskin leather; soft and strong. The eye-catching tone-on-tone diamond shape is crafted from perforated calfskin leather. The Net Blue Dragée shade is the color-to-go, enriched with gold colour metallic edges around the self-finish studs.

The Classic City Arena bag is also available in the mini version. Small bags like the mini Classic City are ideal for the evening, when you only need to store your most important personal items. It’s light and stylish.

The Balenciaga Classic City Arena Net Blue Dragée is sized 24 x 38 x 14 cm and it’s priced at $1.695 USD/ €1.195. It comes with a shoulder strap.

The Balenciaga Mini Classic City Arena Net Blue Dragée is sized 16 x 23 x 9 cm and it’s priced at $1,315 USD/ €922.

At Balenciaga e-store.


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