For Love & Lemons Spring 2016: Amore Mia


There is so much bewitchery and charm in the new For Love & Lemonsspring 2016 ad campaign, that you’d better be sitting when you view this gallery. A pleasant tension, strong charisma, and an invitation to explore! If you are a woman, don’t resist the urge, get a piece of this story and enjoy it every weekend. And if you’re a man, be sure that you just found the perfect gift for the Valentine’s Day. The Amore Mia spring 2016 collection of For Love & Lemons can be found!

For Love & Lemons Spring 2016: Amore Mia

Ruby Aldridge is posing seductively in a collection of see-through, romantic, irresistible dresses, making this one of the best ad campaigns we’ve seen so far. Before we get to the actual fashion, I think it’s crucial we give the proper credit to this American model. Her gaze, her body language and chemistry can be felt from an image on the screen. She has done a magnificent job with her character; we are very impressed and can’t wait to see more of her work!

Some of the For Love & Lemons dresses are inspired from the classic Italian styles you rarely see in stores today. The necklines and silhouettes remind of the times when you needed to be a lady, a tasteful woman that is not only flawless in appearance but also seductive in movement. Oh Italy, you do make the butterflies wake up again!

Floral appliques, lace, crochet… the garments are adorned with details that flatter the eye. The entire collection is built on details, but not to the extent it’s too overwhelming.
White, black, red and blue are the main colors of the collection. The black and white being some of the most classical styles, while red and blue garments are more relaxed (except for the red lace dress… there is nothing relaxed about it).

The For Love & Lemons spring 2016 collection has been built on romance and feelings, and that’s where it doesn’t really matter if your dress needs a lining or not. In fact, most of the garments are see-through. If they are not entirely transparent, then they have bits and pieces. It only adds to the mystery to the Love and Lemons that will hopefully be freshly on trend in 2016.

The romantic atmosphere defeats the sexy in silhouettes. They are not form fitting at all, and taking into consideration how exposing some of the dresses are, it’s really the best decision to balance them with loose fit. The shapes are still preserved, so you won’t end up with a baggy look – this is a completely different story.

Low V-neck cuts reveal some skin and the beautiful accessories used in styling only enhance the perfection of the looks. There is no doubt, the accessories are just as fantastic as the clothing. We see an extended use of chokers, which happen to be number 1 trend for accessories. But these are not thin and simple chokers you see on the runway; they are luxurious, rich, and absolutely beautiful. You can wear them with a plain white T-shirt and an exclusive evening gown; the choker will still look excellent on you.

This spring it’s going to be all about love, and all about the lemons… clean up your heart and let this collection conquer it.

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