Chanel Accordion Flap Bag


Here’s a mysterious Chanel bag that makes you curious. It’s a bag bought by Christine at the Tokyo Haneda Airport and it retails for ¥449,000 yen, equivalent to $3,826 in USD.

Obvious, we’re dealing with a seasonal accessory – it’s quilted, but the chains are attached on the sides and the flap on is not covering the entire front, made with the classic CC closure.


But what’s strange, is when you put this bag flat on the table. Surprisingly, it got three compartments and it looks quite similar to the Chanel 3 Bag. The chains are linking the three compartments together, making it a single handbag.

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Christine called the Chanel boutique and tried to get more information about this handbag. The SA told her that it’s the Chanel Accordion Flap Bag and it was first released in 2013. Still, we are clueless about its true name.

The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag is retailing for $4,900 USD, and when you compare it with the Chanel Accordion Flap Bag in terms of prices, it’s certainly a bit cheaper.

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Well, for those that are interested, the style code is A68557.

Anyone know its name? Please post it in the comment section.





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