Faber-Castell + Karl Lagerfeld Colouring Box Set



The man wears many hats, he works for Chanel, does a little extra over with Fendi, and even has his own label. That, and his many collaborations for the likes of Coca-Cola, Magnum and Melissa, all of which start with his sketches that are eponymous to the way he works. I remember hearing something about him sending over drawings of the bags he wanted made for runway presentations at Chanel some years back when I visited their bag atelier in France. All sketched and presented to the atelier’s designers who were then supposed to realise his vision and send back prototypes for his approval.

Which also means, most everything that we now love/use/wear from Chanel (and the other brands he does work for) all started with these pencils, more specifically, from his brand of choice, Faber-Castell. And to celebrate this union, Faber-Castell will be launching a colouring box to rule all other colouring boxes that’s laid out in the form of a Chinese wedding chest.

Strictly limited to just 2500 sets, each EUR2500 set (yes, you read that right) will come with all 120 colours in the Albrecht Dürer range of pencils, along with Polychromos colour pencils, Pitt ink pens and Castell 9000 graphite pencils along with brushes, a foldable cup, erasers and sharpeners. Yes, it’s every illustrator’s wet dream come true. And if you’re one of them, they will be available now at Faber-Castell stores, Karl Lagerfeld boutiques and Harrods in London.

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Kapok + Teddyfish Limited Edition Totes

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kapok_teddyfish_limited-edition-totesWhile Kapok needs no introduction (you’ll find them at Robinson’s Orchard, TANGS Orchard and most recently, their very own flagship at the National Design Centre, where they have the sharpest curations of indie designer merchandise around), Teddyfish might draw a few blanks. Established in 2010 in France, they work primarily with cotton canvas, with a keen focus on having most everything they make by hand, producing only small quantities and creating functional everyday objects, resulting in pieces that are built to last, robust, yet simple.

Put them both together and you’ll get the Kapok + Teddyfish Limited Edition Totes, a pair of handsome bags that come hand-printed with leaves, said to be those from the kapok tree, which is where the Hong Kong-based indie emporium gets its name from.

Measuring 38 cm by 38 cm (it’s almost square in shape), the cotton canvas tote comes printed with the leaf motif on one side along with the single snap button in red, now a Teddyfish signature. Use it with or without its additional shoulder sling, you’ll also find a zip pocket in the interior, which is always useful. Priced at HKD2990 (aroundSGD478/USD385 after conversion) and available in 2 colours (Forest Green, Navy Blue), you could just buy it online via Kapok where international shipping is free.

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