Jewelry by Monica Vinader: Just Be Yourself

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Jewelry by Monica Vinader

The best jewelry is personal, and Monica Vinader really encourages this belief by allowing you to not only engrave some of their pieces but to actually create your own necklace with a wide variety of pendant options. The attention to detail is truly stunning, and yet the prices are still so great. Even the quality of the packaging is impressive. The presentation is pure luxury from the moment you see it to the act of opening the felt-lined box. Now I have the best gift ideas for those hard to buy for friends! Available at Monica Vinader.

Ava Friendship Bracelet in 18ct Rose Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver : They sent this bracelet to me for my birthday, and I absolutely love it. It’s engraved with my kids’ names, so the piece is very special. How could you have a more sentimental gift than this? They even offer the option of adding your own doodle by uploading a file of it.

Ava Mini Teardrop Pendant in 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver : A pendant is very versatile – you can transfer it between necklaces and bracelets with one simple quick change.

Siren Plain Engravable Ring in 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver : There’s something very classic about a monogrammed ring, and this high-shine, lightly hammered surface is perfect for showcasing those special initals.

Create Your Own Necklace or Bracelet: With this, you get to choose your own chain and pendants, some of which are engravable. The one above is my own creation . These are so fun to make, and with amazing photo representations of what your creation will look like, there’s no guess work involved – you know it will come out exactly as you imagine.

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Best Ear Cuffs: The Clip Show

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Best Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs combine two fun types of jewels – clip-ons and asymmetric earrings. They’re part of an experimental trend that celebs like Diane Kruger and Rihanna have already embraced on the red carpet. Just remember to wear your hair back – that way everyone will have a great view and you’ll prevent any strands from moving around the delicate clips. So leave your post earrings at home and cuff yourself into the newest style!

Maria Black Crescent Earcuff: If you can get past the Bluetooth shape, this crescent moon design will fill the rim of your ear with a galaxy of gold-plated stars. 

Jacquie Aiche Love Ear Cuff with Diamond: Some say you should wear your heart on your sleeve, but why not wear it on your ear instead? 

Repossi Berbère 18-Karat Gold Diamond Ear Cuff: This diamond-studded clip (inspired by the tattoos of the Tuareg people in North Africa) is the top of the line, so make sure your interest in ear cuffs is a long-lasting love. 

Pamela Love Maia Ear Cuff: This leafy design will have you looking fresh for spring! Wear it with your regular earrings (preferably something small like studs) or go solo.

L’Agence Door Knocker Ear Cuff: This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hoop is great for first timers who want to dip their toes into the water before investing in a large/pricey piece.

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Crystals Clusters: More is Never Enough

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Crystals Clusters

One crystal is nice, but ten is better! Go big or go home, right? These kaleidoscopes of color are summer fun that will liven up any old outfit. They look like bright pieces of candy, and are just as hard to resist. I say give in to your sweet tooth. The opulence of dripping in baubles will command attention and adoration (not to mention envy!) wherever you go.

Bounkit Rose Quartz & Citrine Button Earrings: A mix of shapes and colors comes together on these gold-plated earrings (fun fact: rose quartz is said to bring you luck in love!). 

Emilio Pucci Gold-Plated Crystal & Faux Pearl Cuff: Pucci’s love of color and geometric design shines bright on this regal cuff. Wear it day to night. 

Erickson Beamon Swarovski Crystal Cluster Ring: Erickson Beamon never does minimal. Mega jewels at a mega discount? Yes, please! 

Anton Heunis Floral Cluster Bracelet: Tina’s been loving florals, and I’m equally enamored. The mix of turquoise and orange sherbet has bloomed just in time for summer. 

Reminiscence Frida Necklace: This is seriously major – the necklace has every color in the rainbow and more! Wear it over a simple dress to ensure it’s the star of the show (as if it could be anything else!).

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Atelier Swarovski by Maison Martin Margiela: Crystalactite Collection

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Atelier Swarovski by Maison Martin Margiela

Most jewelers try to design something original using the same old techniques they have always worked with, butAtelier Swarovski and Maison Martin Margiela know that to be truly innovative, you have to break the mold. To create their stalactite-inspired Crystalactite collection, the team fused crystal with a matte white resin base before cutting the Swarovski, completely bypassing the need for glue. The results are out of this world. These pieces look like they came from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude! And while they were featured in Margiela’s always avant-garde Haute Couture show, they’re more than wearable for us mere mortals. Though you won’t be able to fly under the radar like Clark Kent, if you’re stepping out in ice like this, I have a feeling you’re not afraid to stand out.

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Nikos Koulis Jewelry: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

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Nikos Koulis Jewelry

More often than not, fine jewelry and edgy jewelry are mutually exclusive, which is exactly why Greek designer Nikos Koulis stands out. The motifs of stars, spikes, and chains run throughout his statement-making line, both demanding and deserving your attention.  caught my eye first thanks to its unusual sense of dimension (A ruby hanging from rhodium-plated chains inside the band of a ring? You won’t find that at Tiffany’s!). We also see that dangling style come together with the star theme onthat can be worn either on the lobe or at the top of the ear. Here Nikos is creative in his design, but also offers clients the opportunity to be creative in their styling of the piece. He takes inspiration for these ethereal jewels from dreams, turning his dreams into your sparkly, little realities! 

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Trend Alert: Cool in Collars

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Trend Alert

Is there ever truly a new trend that doesn’t reference an element of our past? I would say no, especially in this case. With a strong reference to tribal culture, a resurgence of the collar necklace in all its iterations has been prevalent on runways and in street fashion this spring.

I have had a love for collars, chokers and torques since spending time in South Africa as a child. Neck-stretching coils of the Ndebele tribe’s women symbolized faithfulness to one’s husband as well as prosperity, while beads signified the same thing in a more colorful, less painful way. They also provide a surreal perception of the human figure, distorting stature and forcing what seems like immaculate posture.

Trend Alert

The Romans embraced the sensual nature of this piece of jewelry, shown above on a Fayum Mummy Portrait, an encaustic painting put into tombs with the wealthy deceased.

Trend Alert

This 1772 painting by Humphrey shows Queen Charlotte with a lovely and demure pearl choker; not as intimidating as the coils of the Ndebele, but still attracts attention to the length of her neck.

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Marilyn Monroe rocked a similar look in 1962.

Trend AlertBinx Walton on the Balenciaga runway

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Julia Hagen is currently a student at the Gemological Institute of America. Her love for jewelry started with a red bead bracelet she received as a birthday gift from her grandfather around the age of five. Other healthy addictions include shoes, Crossfit, photography and researching jewelry arts.

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