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Here’s is another one! I am so excited you all are sending in your site reviews. If you enjoy reading this review then why not share your own? Send me an email with pictures of an item you bought from an online replica store. Be sure to include at least one paragraph describing your experience. Doesn’t matter if it was terrible or great! Share you experiences with your friends from spot bags! Email me your reviews and I will post on your behalf.

This review was submitted by Mademoizee:

“I bought the bag from fabaaa and was quite skeptical at first. I looked at the bag on the mulberry site to make sure they were similar and it was to the latter. I even went into the mulberry store haha . Dealing with fabaaa was easy and straightfoward. I paid by paypal and every email was answered within a day. I received the bag in exactly 6 days which is quick for the uk. The bag itself is gorgeousssssssss the leather is soooo soft smells absolutely divine. Took the bag to a barbeque last weekend and no one could tell it was a replica including a friend who is really good with her designers. All in all I would definitely buy from fabaaa again .this was definitely a worthwhile experience”

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OMG! Have you seen the new additions here

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New Arrivals at
This morning I was browsing through like usual—just to dream and drool about which replica handbags I’m going to buy next—I have to say I almost fell off my chair! They have hundreds of new bags! has never been the strongest site for selection.  It’s pretty limited-they say it is because they inspect each item before they add it so it’s labour intensive.  Usually when they add new bags it’s like 10 or 20 bags but this time they went above and beyond.  It’s not just that they added a lot of bags, I’m talking good stuff! Yes, ladies, it’s an exciting day in Replica Land. Not only have they added bags and collections by existing designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi, but they’ve also added a number of new designers to the shop like Mulberry, Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Christian Dior, and Dolce and Gabbana, and even Balenciaga. I’ll be devoting this post to highlighting some of the additions that I’m most excited about.

Since I’m a died-in-the-wool replica Louis Vuitton gal, I’ll start with the fabulous new additions to their replica Louis Vuitton handbags collection. First off, their Speedy/Keep All collection has expanded which I appreciate, because you can never have too many Speedys. They have also added new Mehina bags (good for this years perforated trend). Also of note more Vernis, Romance, and the most exciting of all is the spring 2010 additions. I’m most excited about the replica Louis Vuitton Denim Sunrise, and the new Cossmic Blossom collection which are some of my absolute favourites from the spring collection.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Collection

Gotta have this bag!

Not only are there monumental additions to the already-faboosh replica Louis Vuitton collection, but the replica Gucci collection also just got a serious injection of new fabulousness. They finally have the replica Gucci spring collection featuring the replica Gucci Techno Horsebit and replica Gucci Bamboo Handle.   Both come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Gucci handbags

This one is even on sale!

In addition to the wonderful additions to their existing collections, they’ve added some new designers to their roster.  Here’s a complete list of the new :

  • Mulberry
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Miu Miu
  • Christian Dior
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Balenciaga

I know lots of you have been asking and wonder upon wonders they even added the Mulberry Alexa!

As far as I can tell, these are the designers whose collections have been updated:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Gucci
  • Fendi
  • Hermes
  • Prada
  • Burberry
  • Jimmy Choo

A word of warning though: at your own risk. You will be forced to buy something new and fabulous!

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Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

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Christian Dior, from France, is a famous fashion brands. dior French means the combination of God and gold, so gold has become a Dior brand colors. Dior for its perfection of workmanship and advanced design taste, by numerous fashion people eagerly sought after. Which is also a big handbag book "Diana package" and other works in the fashion industry has become a classic of classics.

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

Dior family of iconic Lady Dior handbag classic bag models in September 1995 debut, and won the favor of Princess Diana. Princess Diana has repeatedly carried Lady Dior attend international events, and to make the bag which fame, greatly blitz. And now, Lady Dior handbag is already a classic fashion accessories, suitable for day and night on different occasions, a representative Dior handbag.
When Diana, Princess of Wales attended sponsored by the LVMH Group, the Grand Palais in Paris, Grand Palais at the "Cezanne exhibition" when Bodenadai • Mrs. Chirac (former French president's wife) will be a new Dior handbag gift Dai Anna Princess. And this latest design Dior bag immediately won the favor of Princess Diana, after she ordered all versions.
November 1995 visit to children's home in Birmingham, the international media has photographed Princess Diana handheld handbags, arms holding the child. It was the beginning of a success story, "" A few weeks later, Princess Diana's state visit to Argentina, she again carrying beloved handbags, down the plane.
Since then, Lady Dior handbag with the world of women by the media welcome contacted, all the ladies are flocking. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, in her own consent, the handbag with her name and re-named the "Lady Dior".

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

Princess Diana holding lady dior bag
Making implemented the Lady Dior Dior haute couture spirit, handbags surface sewing craft experience inherent style Dior products, rattan sewing noodles Plaid (also known as "cannage") was inspired by a Napoleon III chairs. On the catwalk in 1947, Mr. Dior is to use this chair to entertain noble guests; while handbag with DIOR. The words of eternal imprint pendant show. Lady Dior handbag is now a classic fashion accessories, suitable for day and night, for different occasions, is representative Dior handbag.
Miss Dior is a full modern sense of fashion accessories, color, pure and honest, smooth leather. This handbag, youth do not swagger, creating the classic era, becoming another new attempt Dior brand. Miss Dior handbags, Dior timeless essence is embodied: the ultimate elegance, to perfection.
Miss Dior handbags from the studio artisans constructed according to conventional techniques, the use of wooden mold carefully hand-crafted. A skilled craftsman takes more than one day to complete the assembly of a handbag. Visible intention of the Department to build eternity.

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

The fashion industry is now a popular saying It Bag, so as a well-known international fashion brands, always have a symbolic significance handbag models in order to become fashion's nice chat, thereby increasing the topic of conversation. Whether you are a fan of Christian Dior, should recognize its symbolic significance Saddle Bag (saddle bags), is one of the brand's Icon.
Christian Dior in 1997, is the "New Look" image of the world-famous 50th anniversary, Dior take a refreshing new style to meet the brand's new creative director John Galliano. At that time served to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dior design director Saddle Bag design, but also to celebrate its ten in Christian Dior spring and autumn, John Galliano specially redesigned his famous works Saddle Bag (saddle bag), introduces a limited edition saddle pack series.
Since SaddleBag in 2000 Ghetto Fabulous series available since, it has been given on behalf of the Galliano Dior's new image. This design twelve series each with different countries as the design theme, namely, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, Egypt, Japan, India and China. Chinese style using orange satin cloth, decorated with dragon represents the East and embroidered traditional imperial gold embroidery, another CD more words buckle decorated with jasper and coral and red beaded dragon is coiled in D shaped strap, highlighting the majestic momentum. French series is also very good, it is learned, inspired by Marie Antoinette French classical printing, red handbag with white bottom foil lamination pattern, the most beloved ten as people do with pearl chain handle, giving the French romantic.
China: orange-red satin filled with mysterious oriental dragon UK: Pearl white buttons + silver rivets noble magnificent United States: luxurious rhinestone encrusted, the most suitable at the grand occasion wear France: luxury design inspired by Mary Antoinette Queen of French classical printing

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Men cooperate together Billy Reid Coach handbags series

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Founded in 1941 in New York light luxury brand Coach, because it brought together many famous and renowned art and design guru inside and outside, including the artist James Nares, Krink and Hugo Guinness, and the famous French sports brand Saint James and stylish audio system manufacturers Tivoli. The Coach Billy Reid together it is inevitable. Man from Florence, Alabama designers, with its southern affair full of unique clothing and accessories to fame. His clothes are drawn each season American luxury and great southern culture and fashion inspired a new interpretation of modern style.

Experts speculate in gold and how to make money free guide gold silver TD Bank Bank Account Guide Gold and Silver Bullion simulated trading software collection tools Desktop Quote
The two brands in 2010 through Vouge / CFDA Fashion Fund event for the first time gathered. Coach is a sponsor of the year race, while Reid is the tournament winner. "Billy its southern style and unique perspective, bringing a breath of fresh trends and fashions," Coach Men series design, senior vice president Jeffrey Uhl said, "He for technology, quality and historical heritage of the focus coincides with Coach . "
For Reid, he heart Chong Mu Coach for many years. He was pleased to be able to glance Coach classic masterpiece, exploring the original brand men's leather history. As a baseball fan, Reid is very pleased with the opportunity to experience the feeling behind the baseball glove historical heritage, which was set up a company Coach founder when the source of creative inspiration. "As a designer, I always dreamed cooperate with Coach, and to a greater understanding and awareness of the brand," Reid said, "I have long admiration for the Coach brand, this makes me proud to be able to cooperate."
Co-products, including men's handbags, material used coarse grain leather, suede and southern wrinkle crocodile leather. Special accessories include alligator purse covered flask, guitar case and a bar accessory kit.

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Givenchy classic handbags

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French veteran fashion house Givenchy handbags are very practical for its shape and transform the material sought after by many big stars, particularly the recent hot mom supermodel Miranda Kerr showed off repeatedly shot in the street Givenchy handbags, playing live for the brand ad. In fact, apart Freaky favorite Antigona handbags, Givenchy and other classic models are also worth a try.

Certainly beyond the classic "came out", Givenchy Antigona with lightning speed to jump on the throne, in addition to housekeeping classic black, bright, refreshing color is the key, hit the color trend of the design is full of meaning, stiffness of the bag body profile of neutral and practical.

Givenchy classic handbags

Miranda Kerr

Givenchy Nightingale

Givenchy classic handbags

Givenchy Nightingale, commonly known as the Nightingale bag or nurse packages to simple and elegant, casual style has become big stars are flocking fashion travel essentials. Admittance space is large enough, the gas field full, as Hilary Duff, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Richie, actress Shakira such great love.

Givenchy classic handbags

Hilary Duff

Givenchy Pandora

Givenchy classic handbags

Pandora fairy tale with color name itself is enough attractive, large capacity double zipper handbag design is a practical choice. Diagonal style became a public favorite supermodel, wear do the old cortex folds very suitable for everyday use.

Givenchy classic handbags

Alessandra Ambrosio

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Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda

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Year, Coco Chanel Duke of Westminster and Lovers spend happy hour in Scotland after the Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


This is Lafayette called "barbaric romantic" early autumn series is Lafayette's bond from Chanel in Scotland for inspiration. Then, Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster in Scotland spend Valentine's Happy Hour, will Scottish tweed, cashmere, cardigan, knitted fabrics, such as back to Paris in the future as Chanel's classic elements.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Design director Julie de Libran to French director Francois Truffaut 1968, his work "The Bride Wore Black" as a source of inspiration to create a temptation uninhibited feeling, so decadent and elegance go hand in hand. So that the whole family can not wait to become the kind of girls mature woman's sense of conflict.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Performed by photographer Steven Meisel from the early autumn mirror large ad easy to see that a continuation of T stage, bad hair, a large number of elements and masculine plaid jacket contours are demonstrating a different kind of sexy, with earthy colors Twin Pockets bags, neutral sexy charm on its head.
The use of highly stylized leather Vitello Glacé without losing functionality of the package, the continuation of the brand Prada has always been the essence of simplicity sporty leather and pockets on both sides became prominent individual elements of this series.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


Dior early autumn this year, the continuation of the usual modern romantic style, continues as we present simple but fancy look. Raf Simons through the transformation of the earlier work showing a high degree of practical series. And rather retro elements Houndstooth fabric pattern and men to join, showing the romantic yet tough neutral attitude.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda



Be cool and psychedelic Givenchy early autumn series flagship, Tisci for this series of large perfusion Italy nostalgic 1970s style, black and white sepia through them. The entire series was inspired by the full force of the Italian male fashion designer Walter Albini and architect Gio Ponti. From masculine footwear, minimalist stiff package design can be seen that this will definitely be extended to the whole tough winter.

Luxury big early autumn practical single product elegant Gucci bag led Panda


2013 early autumn Gucci features minimalist design, while contains thousands of charming, pure pattern implied meaning, interwoven sketched out a series of attractive women attracted to highlight neat able at the same time also sought visually beautiful. Elegant coat, tied at the waist specially designed retro square buckle belt, with a bow decorated with patent leather high heels, wearing fine gloves, instantly chic travel.

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