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Like the Chanel show this season who are hung two models have the package, either take the phone back backpack bag, or stacked two clutch, two packets of street shooting upward trend has become an unbearable impact New Wave.
“One is not too few, two is just right!” This sentence is now applied on the trends section of the package is easy to do. Perhaps this phenomenon whom you make a real surprise, but the observed trend of the street leading outfit beat Holy Land, this trend has become difficult to find a new phenomenon unstoppable, and the show floor is the extensive use of two packets of wear take the law. Completely subvert our previous outfit logic (change a bigger bag is not enough), and the hearts of the little devil certainly leapt collar silently read: This should be another business people want to stimulate consumption of alternative marketing practices it! I’m doing all right to carry out two bags.
However, both past prejudices aside, this is actually a more practical but stylish trend. With the prevalence of mobile phones and tablet computers, especially when the phone screen beyond the greater (or wear a protective sleeve after the share swap more space), the package is indeed difficult to load space in the past. These relationships coupled with live electronics and people leave Meng Jiao, whether in front of a rare moment to be photographed, or always have mastered receive incoming e-mail, are intolerable in the bag of fishing than phones Minutes seconds, then like a chain with a protective sleeve or clutch bag became popular paragraph pack.
With two packs of 5 Dafa is
In fact, two bags with a practical approach to solve the many difficulties in the use of, for example, to see your favorite styling package from now on, no longer have to worry about it’s unrealistic, because as long as the match on a big bag can be solved practical problems accommodate. When and if you are the person who prefer packet, but not distressed package shall contain all things, who might like a casual street shooting of two packets back, more space, while in fact visually enrich the outfit the layering. Or used to be many possessions you have put on the body, two large package adds considerable space, which eliminates the need for hesitation before going out the same hesitant mood deleted.
Two packets take the law can not solve practical problems capacity is actually in the shape with each other, if the match properly, can definitely increase the level of rich, highlighting the personal wear and setting up the taste. In the heart of sorting out the Citie Highlights outfit, so you simple outfit into two packets of people, walking in the most cutting-edge trends.
1 any size you pick any
No matter what your favorite package, any package models are absolutely welcome here, whether it is a backpack, messenger bag, clutch can be, focused on the use of different size and package type among heterosexual mash travel.
2 Remember material differences
Selection of different materials, even if the same color, it can easily Dachu level flavor. If something more daring, try printing ride printing, or special materials to catch a special material, fashion style immediately focus.
3 tech industry accounted kick
A large number of mobile phones available in the market or a flat protective cover, regardless of what material you like, the easiest way is to mix the color or material extending from the top section of the package. Or play with contrast modeling, exaggerate protective sleeve styling, with a bag of money simply plain.
4 eye-catching package shall not lonely
Many of today’s new It bag brands have launched novel clutch, whether it is seemingly perfume bottle, like a book or have a cute and attractive, these packages do not think too much money because it can not upstage with others, the use of similar color or similar printing, you can find it as a new partner.
5 with clothes not forget the fundamentals
Whether it’s a combination of package models with multiple board right, do not forget a loss of coordination and clothing package shall have between. Broadly speaking, the package shall extend the color choice can make or contrast color balance between package money and clothing from the clothes must figure out a good.
Tips for a demonstration with the influx of people: bright colors with stitching
TIPS: Shopping bag casual choice, on a more formal with a shoulder bag, creating the shape contrast.
With the influx of people demonstrate Tips 2: Play the size of the same color
TIPS: Even with a simple method of tone one tone, but also the use of different materials to create a sense of depth.
With the influx of people demonstrate Tips 3: hands holding suction eye surgery
TIPS: Choose a childlike cute clutch suction eye, and then with another of different sizes and compared to a simple square section of the package.
With the influx of people demonstrate Tips 4: shoulder and hand with aesthetics
The hands of a clutch, plus a side shoulder bag, will and stylish, whether printing ride printing, mix and match with shades of different materials are excellent with a choice.
With the influx of people demonstrate Tip 5: tech fashion new style
Choose a protective sleeve with the same style or material package shall extend, Who is the fashion insulator technology.
With the influx of people demonstrate tips 6: street casual mix and match


After a sense of casual street backpack on the back with Xiece popular choice, show the unique character of the individual outfit.

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